[kl-bogel] Motorcycle Fuel Consumption Efficiency Comparison Data

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Honda Wave 125X Ultimo = 57.8km/L


Suzuki Belang R150 = 37km/L** on 100-120km/h average speed motomalaya.net

Suzuki Smash Revo 110 = 42km/L*motomalaya.net

Suzuki Smash V115 = 50.2km/L*motomalaya.net

Honda Wave 100R = 49.4km/L*m

Honda Wave 110RS = 52.5km/L*motomalaya.net

Honda Wave 125X / 125X Ultimo = 57.8km/L*motomalaya.net

Honda Super Cub = 56km/L*motomalaya.net

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z = 41km/L**motomalaya.net

Yamaha Y125Z (modified) = 14km/L**motomalaya.net

Modenas GT128 = 64.4 km/L* @ 80km/h

*manufacturers claim

**motomalaya.net/blog readers claim of their bike

If there is any bike that you want to know the fuel consumption, but it is not available here, it means that I don't have the data yet, so please don't ask in the comment section.

If you have anymore data, please feel free to share it with all of us in the comment section. You have gain something from this blog, why don't you make the cyberspace a much better place to find knowledge by sharing what you know too?

Thanks to 'Iyad Al-Maliki Saifuddin, Radzi BlackJet and Hraklis Tselegidis for your contribution of the data.

  1. mr.s says:

    Modenas GT128 = 64.4 km/l @ 80km/h

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  2. blackjet says:

    The fuel efficiency not only depends on motorcycle's engine, carburetor or anything on bike, but it also depends on how the riders handle the bike.

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  3. TA says:

    Yamaha Ego
    0-80 km/h (meter reading) daily
    28 km/L

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  4. asgard says:

    i own modenas gt128, got about 55km/liter to 60km/liter, rm6 ron 95 can go up to 180km

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  5. 135LC says:

    135LC around 36km/L, RON95 RM5@RM1.8/L can go up to 100km

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