[kl-bogel] Memandu di padang pasir Negev, Israel.

Drive through the desert

Negev Desert, Israel.
I first came to the wilderness of the Middle East ... Endless expanses of road and ideal of the Negev ... Canyons, mountains and serpentines ... And an oasis in the form of the Red Sea on the horizon:)
Also, useful information and tips on renting a car in Israel.

The word "Negev" translates as "south" to the Torah, and "dry". In terms of geology - is a plateau, situated at an altitude of 600-800 meters above sea level. Only in the Negev, there are the so-called "mahteshim. This is a deep oval basin with smooth steep edges. Actually the Negev is a desert dried up. In the Northern Negev held Israeli water supply system, which made it possible to turn it into a zone of intensive agriculture. There are many moshavim and kibbutzim, as well as the city of Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim. In the Northern Negev and the Gaza Strip (almost 100% water which is also carried Israeli water supply). In fact there are Negev Dimona and Arad. Boundary between the northern Negev and the Negev is considered proper area of ​​Beersheva. In the north, the Negev and is one of the largest in the country of forests - Yatir. Work on planting trees here were begun in 1964, the number of trees exceeding four million.

In Israel, there is no representation Economycarrental, so the car was taken immediately to Sixt. All other rental company offers a great value. I chose the cheapest option "Hunday Getz or simmilar manual transmission", was given a brand new Opel Corsa automatic with a range of 5 km, ie I was the first who took it for rent.

I first drove the car with a gun, very much:) But sometimes it is not clear why she switched to a lower gear, if it was manual, I would not have switched. Perhaps this is a matter of habit. Machine is excellent: prompt and efficient.

All times are warning signs on camels:

indeed, around the grazing camels ... :)

At the bottom of the frame piece of the route:

Traffic occasionally stressful, but drive a car I really liked it ... unusual picture in the window is very interesting:

A perfect road surface, the reflectors on the side of the road markings and, well read the signs, wide shoulders:

The Dead Sea and Dead Sea Works "for the extraction of salt. White Mountains in the picture - this is the mountain of salt.
In addition the plant is the 4 th in the world for the production of potassium and bromine.

But this view of the biblical city of Sodom (?), Rather than on what is left of it:

Along the way, do not turn on the desired purposes, was in a canyon on the road to Jeeping-canyon:)
Very interesting:

But Kors - not a jeep, so after a couple of turns had to retreat back to the track.

Here's the canyon and the road-primer leading into it from the top (upper left side of the frame):

I'm with dad:

But Israel was not only the desert ...

Technical details of Israel car rental services and useful tips:

- The brand new Opel Corsa Automat - $ 32 per day for 3 days rental.
- Gasoline - 6.3-7.4 shekels per liter = 2.1-2.4 $
- My mileage - 900km in 3 days.
- Gasoline consumption 7.3 liters per 100 km (machine + all the time working air conditioner + constant round-ups in the desert)
- Airport car rental companies in the area of ​​the shuttle-walking bass, 1 every 15-20 minutes.
- Israel Sixt when hiring a block from the card of $ 1000 as opposed to European Sixt, which is blocked by double the amount of rent.
- There is one toll highway number 6, 3 people I could not clearly answer what it costs to travel on it. Is there a website, but there is only version in Hebrew. And the most interesting account of the fare for this route comes after 1-2 months in the car rental company, ie for photos of the vehicle.
- In the long run it was stated limit on mileage: 250km a day, but when booking on the website indicated unlimited mileage. I have this girl, she has adjusted to the final calculation, because I've exceeded the limit of 250km per day. Be careful! 1km from the top 250ti worth $ 0.2 to Sixt!
- Always leave the headlights from November to March!
- All characters and pointers are duplicated in English, no problems with navigation.


- To iGO map shows all the names in English instead of Hebrew, simply switch the interface to English instead of Russian. I spent 4 hours maybe ... I was searching for a map in English, but she found herself in Hebrew, wool forums, etc. .. until I found this simple advice:) If you have a iGO no English, so do not have a little english lang pack, install it.

Some plant and a sign on the toll road exit 6:

900km in 3 days:

And the most amazing in the desert - it is a sunset!

Also, about my experience of renting a car read here:

- Vehicle for real romantics and winter holidays.
- MINI delight in Spain!.

More about Israel:

- Warriors of the fortress of Masada.

My page on the social media:

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