[kl-bogel] Market in Cambodia (19 photos)

With a new country best acquainted not where you drag tourist guides, and on a normal market. Drop the prejudices, the mood in the normal perception of a new - and forward, you will not regret. That's what a normal market in Cambodia (Sihanoukville seaside town).

In general, the market you can buy everything - from jewelry to wear sandals. But the basic goods - fruits, vegetables and fish and seafood

Fruits, vegetables (and everything else) in Cambodia is very cheap. Remember in the movie "Men in Black 2": "I want to Cambodia! There you can eat lobster for a dollar! "? It's true. Well, not the dollar, making allowances for inflation. But for $ 3-5 - easily

Coconuts - half dollar

Mango - a half dollars per dozen

Fish market sold any - from the usual tuna

to barracuda

and skates

Shrimp - from one to three dollars. The most expensive, the size of a banana - five

Crabs - about the same price

Despite the powerful surrounding vonizm, all seafood - fresh. Crabs sit in tazah with aeration of water, the buyer takes only a human commodity.

Selected fish you quickly and accurately Cut and narezhut on the right portion

For us - exotic, but for Khmer - the usual havchik. Frogs, for example

Or zmeyuchki

Khmer Malakhovs brisk trade in products of traditional medicine - skolopendrami, scorpions and other vermin

All sellers - smiling, affable, benevolent. Traded willingly, to a buyer who can and who loved to haggle - especially respect: the man knows the price of labor pennies and respects other people's labor, such a god himself told a discount to do so. And if we get him as a regular customer - it is generally well

Now the main concern - to drive away koshundru named Chmaa on market purchases - for fresh squid, we will sell the Motherland and to any crime, let's go!

Do not share in the good? Well, look - you will also be worse ...

Well, here again, finally - the blue crab. Like, everything.

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