[kl-bogel] Leather factory, Bali

Love to flaunt a new jacket from python skin, or put on the table imposingly brilliant bag from the skin of a zebra? If yes, then you're a potential client factory Momo. What distinguishes this company from thousands of other leather factories? The fact that you can go to the shop, and play up right among strochaschih sewing machines. Poking a finger in the dust aquarium, choosing a victim of your fantasies. Here you can do everything. Only pay for.

(27 photos)

1. In the hot air machine-gun trills inundated dozens of sewing machines.

2. Occupied every square inch of space. No smoking breaks - demanding customers are often not willing to wait for orders over two days.

3. And those deadlines are kept. Today with you take measurements, and the day after tomorrow you can pick up an order.


5. Simple warehouse. It is only at first glance it seems that here chaos reigns. The main thing is not beauty, and the ability to find the right piece of skin in the shortest period of time.



8. No air conditioning. Premises open to the drafts, and purged dozens of fans.

9. Finished product. Facilitates overcoming face control at nebezysvestnogo Pasha.

10. The equipment is older but its rarity is compensated by the skill of workers.

11. Would you like a handbag out of this python?

12. Or shoes made of leather that?

13. By the time you read this note, white light for these eyes have faded. Forever.

14. A reptile skin has filled a stack of blanks here.

15. Represented all the colors of the rainbow.

16. Some work with a smile.

17. And someone periodically goes into itself.

18. "Yes - yes, boss, finish!"

19. Stocks are replenished daily.

20. And very quickly spent.

21. Change lasts almost 16 hours. 16 hours in the same position. Fun thing: to pull his stiff leg, sitting on the other, that just restore circulation.

22. With Cinderella's foot future, desired shoes from the python skin, take measurements.

23. "Honey, could be out of this?

24. I wanted to order a laptop bag made of leather that instance, but for some reason I was denied.

25. Shop at the factory - the only room where there is air conditioning. Rows of shoes run away into the distance.

26.Shtangi sag under the weight of hangers with jackets and black leather jackets.

27. And the money ... Money is known to love by ...


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