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The main attraction of Kazan, of course, is her Kremlin. As I wrote in Russia to keep about 20 sites, which are called the "Kremlin" and Kazan Kremlin is one of the best preserved.
In addition, the Kazan Kremlin is unique because its territory adjoin each other Russian and Tatar monuments and Orthodox churches and Muslim mosques. The Kazan Kremlin was a witness against Tatar and Russian troops in the past and the present is a symbol of the unity of the two peoples.
Of the two days spent in Kazan, I spent almost a whole day just to check the Kremlin, and I invite you with me for a walk.

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1. One of the best views of the Kremlin opens from the opposite bank of the river Kazanka near the monument to soldiers who fell during the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible in 1552. Enumerating the left, the main statue in the Kremlin: The Governor's Palace, the Palace Church, the tower Syuyumbike, Annunciation Cathedral, the Kul Sharif mosque.




5. In addition to the contemplation of the panorama of the Kazan Kremlin with this site recommend going around the ramparts and see the Kremlin from the bottom up.

6. During our visit was just perfect weather 20 22 and sunny. You could sit on the grass near the Kremlin and enjoy the spring.





11. Near the Kremlin is game station "Kremlin" Kazan metro.

12. The entrance to the subway guards a fabulous creature dragon Zilant, whose picture adorns the coat of arms and flag of the city. According to legend, a place where they were supposed to build Kazan, was overrun with snakes, led Zilant dragon, terrifying the whole district. However, found a brave warrior who killed ZILANT.

13. The most beautiful, significant and new monuments on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin is the Kul Sharif mosque - the main mosque of the republic of Tatarstan. Its construction was started in 1996 and completed by the 1000 anniversary of Kazan in 2005.

14. Why Kul Sharif? Was the name of a well-known imam, a religious figure 16 th century, who headed the defense of one part of Kazan in October 1552 against the troops of Ivan the Terrible. He was killed in the assault near the mosque, which was in place Kul Sharif.

15. Here is the entrance to the mosque

16. In the mosque allowed to enter non-Muslims. For tourists on the top floor of the mosque is a small balcony from which you can view her furniture. The mosque was constructed by Turkish builders. According to official data for the construction of spent 400 million rubles.

17. Crystal chandelier a mosque with a diameter of 5 meters weighs almost 2 tons. More than 2 thousand meters of the mosque carpet Persian carpet - a gift of the Government of Iran.

18. Despite the fact that the Kul Sharif is the main mosque in Tatarstan, its capacity is not more than 1,5 thousand people.

19. For comparison, a mosque in Grozny, the Chechen Republic can accommodate 10 thousand people, as well as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.







26. One of the main buildings is the Kremlin's Cathedral of the Annunciation, founded October 4, 1552 on the day of the solemn entry of Ivan the Terrible in Kazan. The king himself chose the place for the future of the church opposite the Palace of Tatar khans and mosques. The wooden church was cut down for 3 days, white stone church began to construct in 1556, construction was completed in 1562. From 1552 to 1918 - is the main cathedral of the Kazan Diocese. Here at services attended by Peter I, Catherine II, and all Russian emperors after it.

27. From the Annunciation Cathedral, adjacent tower Syuyumbike - a recognized symbol of Kazan from the Tatars of the world. They say that without the tower Syuyumbike can not imagine Kazan, as Paris - without the Eiffel Tower, London - without the Tower of London, and Cairo - without the pyramids.
Why Syuyumbike? Was the name of the last queen of Kazan. There is a legend that Ivan the Terrible, who had heard about her beauty, called the queen married. Syuyumbike refused, but after the capture of Kazan agreed, putting one condition. As a wedding gift in seven days in her honor were to build the highest tower. Once the request has been made queen, she asked before the wedding celebration to climb to the top, to survey the Kazan and say goodbye to people, because now she became queen of Moscow and had to leave Kazan. You guessed it, the proud queen, do not want to submit to Ivan the Terrible, committed suicide, kinuvshis from the tower down.
Semiyarusnaya Syuyumbike tower has a height of 58 meters and is one of the falling towers in the world.

28. Another monument in the Kremlin - Palace Church was built in 17 century, formerly known as Vvedensky and was home church of the Kazan governor. Now it is located a museum and memorial complex "history of statehood of Tatar people and the Republic of Tatarstan"



31. The building is now the Governor's Palace residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.






36. If you want to look at the Kremlin with a bird's-eye view, you can climb to the observation deck of the hotel "Riviera". We got to the "Riviera" is already in the evening, so the views of the Kremlin has turned out not colorful.



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