[kl-bogel] Keindahan barangan seni dari Turki.

Turkish trade and art

Even in years of Byzantine history of Istanbul (and then Constantinople) was famous for its shopping area. Merchants in Europe and Asia gathered here a long train of laden camels and above the waterline laden merchant ships.
In 1461 the company opened an indoor market Kapali bazaar. And for 550 years by local merchants here hone their skills of trade. It is the largest indoor market in the world. Under its roof at the fifty-eight streets are more than four thousand shops. Mosques, restaurants, offices and some barely housing, a cemetery - it's all Kapali bazaar. Grand Bazaar.
If you prefer, you can buy everything. Of course, first and foremost traditional Turkish goods: rugs, leather goods, woven goods, water pipes, ceramics, tableware and jewelry of gold and silver, glassware and antiques.

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Five and a half centuries, perfected the art of fine vparivaniya customers their goods. It boils and boils real life. Trading process is truly fascinating and like a theatrical performance. Dramas and comedies.

You must give to drink tea. Hereby tea. Not from a bag. In Turkey, there are no tea bags. You boast all the submitted product. Will tell you why it is here and now we need to make a purchase. What good fortune to purchase this product at this very moment, not tomorrow. Take an interest family and home. Offer more tea. It is a process. This is a sport. This confrontation. You explain to the seller that it is expensive, that the neighbor's cheaper, you do not need this thing right now and you think, and maybe decide tomorrow. That you do not go shopping come on the market. You round the corner tied the dog and she dies of grief for you and have half an hour longs to run on the grass. The seller will lower the price of three. The seller will tell about the successes of the local football club Galatasaray. Almost in tears, tells the unhappy season for his favorite soccer team Besiktas and Fenerbahce. Pour more tea. This can go on forever. While the master vparivaniya see in your eyes the interest from you, he will not lag behind. He will long run for you on the street and scream about the most unbelievable discounts.





















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