[kl-bogel] Day In Photos, May 7, 2011

Our Saturday edition, we start with Indonesia, where Buddhists pray during a ceremony welcoming the onset of the holy month of Vesak.

Models with hair styles in the style of David Bowie appear in Sydney during Australian Fashion Week shows, members of the Roma community in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrate their biggest festival, and supporters of the president of Yemen's rally in Sanaa.

In Russia, young man, a nationalist and his girlfriend appeared in court on charges of murder. World War II veterans are preparing to celebrate Victory Day in Moscow.

Also, you will see: an Israeli vehicle, which mistakenly entered the Arab-populated area of ​​Sylvan, threw bricks and stones at Palestinian youths, a supporter of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad expelled from the mosque at the time of Friday prayers in southern Lebanon, baby spider monkey is in the care of workers at Melbourne Zoo after his mother left him.

Day In Photos, May 6, 2011

(12 photos)


1. Medan, Indonesia. - Buddhists pray during a ceremony welcoming the onset of the holy month of Vesak, which means the birth and the divine inspiration of the Buddha.

2. Donji Vakuf, Bosnia and Herzegovina. - A man trying to keep a bottle on his head in celebration of St. George's Day, when members of the Roma community in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrate their biggest festival.

3. Sydney, Australia. - Models with hairstyles, a la David Bowie expect out on the catwalk during Australian Fashion Week.

4. Moscow, Russia. - Wind of the World War II comes to the monument. Most veterans of the post-Soviet countries traditionally take to the streets in anticipation of the ninth of May, adorned themselves with all the available medals.

5. Manila. - Muslims led by Imam Yahya Jamila, center, praying on the street during a protest designed to express outrage that the body of Osama bin Laden, the U.S. military was thrown into the sea.

6. Los Angeles. - A man walks past the Museum of Modern Art, where the exhibition "Art in the streets."

7. Gold Coast, Australia. - Australian Paul Galen, center, and a resident of New Zealand's Benji Marshall during a test match rugby.

8. Sana, Yemen. - The president of Yemen came to the rally and climbed a flagpole.

9. Jerusalem. - Palestinian youths threw stones and bricks, an Israeli car that mistakenly entered the Arab-populated area of ​​Sylvan.

10. Sidon, Lebanon. - Supporters of anti-government protests in Syria pushed out of the mosque supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad at the time of Friday prayers in southern Lebanon.

11. Moscow, Russia. - The nationalist Nikita Tikhonov, right, and his girlfriend, Eugenia Hazis, left, listen to his sentence for the murder of prominent human rights defender and independent journalist. Tikhonov was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Hazis - to eighteen years behind bars.

12. Melbourne, Australia. - A baby spider monkey named Estela plays with his grandmother Sonia in Melbourne Zoo. Estelle dropped immediately after birth, 17 January 2011, her mother named Sunshine, so it is in the care of zoo workers in Melbourne. Currently, the baby fed six times a day with a special mixture, and gradually accustom to solid food.

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