[kl-bogel] Celebrating Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday is celebrated in some East Asian countries on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. On this day Koreans visited Buddhist temples to pray for the health and success in life. In many cities, festive parades with colorful lighted lanterns.

(28 photos)

1. In South Korea, workers hung lights, getting ready to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. Lanterns are hung along the streets, covering almost all available space.

2. Malaysian Buddhists from the Tzu Chi Foundation pray during the ceremony marking the coming holiday, which is still called Vesak. This year on this day in Malaysia celebrate two of the holiday - Mother's Day and Tzu Chi Day, which was founded to honor the founder of Tzu Chi.

3. Buddhists in prayer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

4. A small Buddhist yawns during a ceremony in the temple of Buddha in Seoul. On the eve of a great holiday for a month, children can live in a Buddhist temple to experience the life of a monk.

5. Children, wearing 3-D glasses at the museum SK Telecom Ubiquitous, Seoul, South Korea.

6. Children, using 3-D glasses, look at the 3-D display in the museum SK Telecom Ubiquitous, Seoul, South Korea.

7. Children in the Museum of SK Telecom Ubiquitous, Seoul, South Korea.

8. A small Buddhist asleep during a break in the temple ceremony Jogye, Seoul, South Korea.

9. Children leave the temple after a ceremony in honor of the birthday of Buddha, Seoul, South Korea.

10. Buddhists while serving in the temple in Chhunchhoone, South Korea.

11. Buddhist monks during a service in honor of the birthday of Buddha, Chhunchhoon, South Korea.

12. During the service, one of the Buddhists praying on his knees, temple Hyonji, Chhunchhoon, South Korea.

13. Buddhists at prayer in the temple Jogye, Seoul, South Korea.

14. Service runs under the arch of colorful lanterns in Seoul, South Korea.

15. Buddhists are glowing lights during the festival lanterns in honor of the birthday of Buddha, Seoul, South Korea.

16. Parade during the festival, lanterns, Seoul, South Korea.

17. Worker clings to a flashlight name the man who brought a donation, Seoul, South Korea.

18. Some participants are photographed on holiday memory in the tunnel of glowing lanterns, Seoul, South Korea.

19. Buddhist monks carry lanterns during the festival, which takes place on the streets of Seoul on the eve of the birth of Buda.

20. Buddhists during the festive procession through the streets of Seoul are a huge lantern in the shape of a dragon's head.

21. Festive procession of lights streets of Seoul with colorful lanterns.

22. Participants in the festival are enormous glowing lights, Seoul, South Korea.

23. In the parade you can see the lights of different shapes, colors and sizes, Seoul, South Korea.

24. Women dressed in traditional costumes take part in a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.

25. Small Buddhist monks standing on a platform under colorful lanterns in Seoul, South Korea.

26. At a time when the temple of the Buddha is a service dog, as if aware of all the mystery of prayer, quietly lying on the floor Chhunchhoon, South Korea.

27. Taiwanese girl prays before the statue of the Little Buddha, Taipei, Taiwan. Buddhists in Taiwan during a ceremony wash the Buddha statues of sweet-smelling water.

28. Mom helps son to wash the statue of a little Buddha, Taipei, Taiwan.

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