[kl-bogel] Animals in the News (continued)

Although man is the master of the planet, he shares it with countless other species. Some animals people eat, and others contain as pets or used for educational purposes only. Most animals live in isolation, but people have long infiltrated their natural habitat. Large-scale natural disasters, such as the recent earthquakes and forest fires have a large impact on the lives of animals. In this set of photos of animals that appeared in news headlines in recent weeks. (20 photos)

Cat on a rock

Cat sits on the river rapids in the park «Akron Falls» in Akron, NY, April 4, 2011. (AP Photo / David Duprey)

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Race on carts pulled by horses

Drovers ride on the frozen river Yenisei during a 42-second amateur race on carts pulled by horses near the village Novoselovo 250 km south of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, March 19, 2011. Racing on carts, which are involved drovers from across the region, held in Novoselovo annually in late winter, beginning in 1969. (Reuters / Ilya Naymushin)

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Cub Raptor

A newborn baby lizard climbs up on the cell wall during a press conference in the Thai Customs building in Bangkok, 20 April 2011. Employees of Thai Customs discovered 175 pangolins in the truck, heading to Bangkok in the early morning on April 20. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora classified Javanese lizard an endangered species. Some people believe that meat and blood of these animals improves sexual function in men. (Reuters / Damir Sagolj)

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Zoo staff «Burgers' Zoo» in the city of Arnhem, Holland, determine the sex of a bat, April 28, 2011. Each year, the zoo staff determine the number of males and females, to equalize their number. (Freek van den Bergh / AFP / Getty Images)

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Cowboy Nate Cummins, who moved the approximately 350 horses, resting during the spring of estrus in the vicinity of Three Forks, Montana, April 24, 2011. (Reuters / Jim Urquhart)

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Owl was photographed in the zoo of the city Amnevil, France, April 21, 2011. (Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / AFP / Getty Images)

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Cuban crocodile

Cuban crocodile swims in a pool of marine aquarium «Sea Life Speyer» Speyer, Germany, April 20, 2011. (Martin Oeser / dapd)

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Swan in the field

The Swan is on the field in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, April 12, 2011. (Roland Weihrauch / AFP / Getty Images)

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Shoal of fish

People bathe in the waters of the Pacific Ocean next to a huge shoal of fish in the resort city of Acapulco, March 11, 2011. Fish came off as a once in a while, when the tsunami wave caused by an earthquake in Japan, was to reach the coast of Mexico. (Reuters / Stringer)

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Bull with a broken horn

Bull with a broken horn was photographed during a bullfight in the arena «Maestranza» in Seville, Spain, August 30, 2011. (Reuters / Javier Diaz)

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Cub orangutan

9-month baby orangutan named Boo is a blanket in the Madrid Zoo, April 14, 2011. Boo - the first orangutan born at the zoo. (Reuters / Andrea Comas)

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Newborn lamb

Farmer Chas Eastmond Roberts puts on a skin newborn lamb identification number on a farm «Barracks Farm» in Fetcheme, England. (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images)

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Bengal tiger

Bengal tigress Indira sits in a cage at the Zoo Cali in Cali, Colombia, April 13, 2011. (Reuters / Jaime Saldarriaga)

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Coral fish

Fry the fish swims over a coral brain coral. Underwater photo was taken during a dive off the coast of the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean, April 18, 2011. (AP Photo / David J. Phillip)

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Month baby lemur cat licks his year-old sister, Safina at the zoo «Franklin Park Zoo» in Boston, April 27, 2011. (AP Photo / Steven Senne)

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Sea turtle

Sea turtle named Pappy swims in an aquarium «Haus des Meeres» Vienna, Austria, April 6, 2011. (Ronald Zak / dapd)

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Golden eagle attacking a wolf

Golden eagle attack linked wolf during the traditional festival of hunting "Salburun" in the village of Tup, Kyrgyzstan, 370 km from Bibkeka, May 1, 2011. (Vyacheslav Oseledko / AFP / Getty Images)

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Flock of sheep breeds Racka

Flock of sheep breeds Racka goes out to pasture early in the season of grazing on the plain in the Great Plain Hortobágy National Park, 200 km east of Budapest, April 30, 2011. (Reuters / Laszlo Balogh)

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Polar bears are Aleut and Gregor

Polar bears are Aleut and Gregor play in their enclosure at Nuremberg Zoo, March 23, 2011. Cubs are born in December 2010. Aleuts and Gregor were 29 m and 30 m cubs born at the zoo for 100 years. (Timm Schamberger / dapd)

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The trainer teaches a monkey standing on two legs in the Topeng Monyet in eastern Jakarta, April 19, 2011. (Reuters / Beawiharta)

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