[Mcm2Ada] sex education beberapa negara

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Recently, Beijing's first primary school teaching materials, "the pace of growth," announced the outline of which the "I come from" part, illustrated introduction ***, triggering hot, more than half of the users that scale too, called the "yellow."

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Original wrote: "Human reproduction is by men and women together to complete the ... ... *** In order to find a naughty sperm egg as soon as possible, and my father with the penis into the mother's ***, the forced injection of sperm into the mother's *** in .... " 53% of users believe that sex education is necessary, but have a degree, teaching in a very straightforward way to describe the process of men and women ***, inappropriate, this scale in primary school textbooks, called "yellow", " red fruit fruit. "

talk about sex education, it is difficult to make people ashamed of this but people have to say, the problem, after all, this thing is at stake, but the face of traditional Chinese people, really off point bothering children. then we take a look at how the country's education are:

romantic than the French, Americans are free, the Germans seem serious, serious, or even rigid, but the following set of sex education may make you see the cartoon cute German side.

Germany: cute sex comics


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China: U.S. foreign teachers with female students on the cucumber to the sex education classes. 10 years old, American Girl Katie first met a condom. 23 years old, she lectures in China, fetched a bucket cucumber to do props, more than 100 female college students to teach how to use condoms. Katie's only one purpose, so the girls respect themselves and their bodies, learn to protect themselves. No physical or psychological problems because of embarrassment.

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United States: Students visit a brothel. April 10, 2008, Nevada, prostitutes, Alicia (left) sits in front of Randolph College liberal arts students to explain, Randolph College liberal arts students to visit a brothel as part of American culture of learning.

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2008年4月10, Nevada, prostitutes, Alicia (left), in answer to the problem of students Johna Strickland, Randolph College liberal arts students to visit a brothel as part of American culture of learning.

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April 10, 2008, Nevada, Randolph College liberal arts students to visit a brothel as part of American culture of learning.

China: Taiwan primary school sex education materials to draw genitals

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Japan: mutual recognition of love. Most primary schools in Japan have universal sex education, and to the school, students from the classroom to have some rough knowledge of contraception.

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Oceania: dictate the nature of culture. In the eastern part of New Guinea, Trobriand Islands, the people's views on the *** is detached from the children seen and heard since the days of adult *** scene, and partners access to dictate the sex education. First child, starting from 6 years old on the imitation of the game for couples to experience the actual relationship

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Finland: say "Arabian Nights"-like sex education. The 1970s, entered the Finnish primary and secondary education curricula, and even have a positive kindergarten sex education books. Set up a phone sex advice, child protection agencies, etc., at any time for young people to help. Finland has the sex education book --- "The Body", as parents can say "Arabian Nights" as about a day, sex will naturally begin. 6-year-old from the Netherlands into the primary school children start sex education, and learn other courses, like nothing special, the children can do their own research. Young people having sex the first time the actual average age is 17 years old.

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