[kl-bogel] Women in World War II

Women of countries involved in World War II, a huge number of volunteers went to the front as well as men, and held positions in traditionally male-dominated industry. Women during the war, worked in factories, governmental organizations, joined the resistance group and perform many other functions. Although relatively few women were on the front as soldiers, many were the victims. By the end of the war, more than two million women worked in war industries, hundreds of thousands have worked as nurses or staff of the military. Only in the Soviet Union, about 800,000 women served in the army during the war as men. This Pictures are pictures of women taking part in the events of the Second World War. Please note: most of the photo captions are from original sources 1940s.

(45 photos)

1. Symbol and embodiment of the defense of Sevastopol, Crimea - the girl-sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, which, by the end of the war, deprived of life 309 Germans, becoming the most successful female sniper in history.

2. Directed by Leni Riefenstahl looking through the camera lens before the shooting in 1934 rally at Nuremberg in Germany. Frames will film in 1935 titled "Triumph of the Will", later recognized as one of the best propaganda films in history.

3. Japanese women in the munitions factory in Japan, 30 September 1941.

4. Members of the Women's Army Corps (WAC) at Camp Shanks, New York, February 2, 1945. From left to right, kneeling: Private Rose Stone, Virginia Private Blake, and Marie B. Gillespie Private. Second row: Private Genevieve Marshall, Fanny L. Talbert, and Cpl. Kelly K. Smith. Third row: Private. Gladys Carter Schuster, Evelyn C. Martin, and private. Theodore Palmer.

5. Female workers inspect the barrage balloon in New Bedford, Mass., May 11, 1943.

6. Nurses Hospital in Fort Jay, Governors Island, New York, amid the skyscrapers rising above the clouds of gas, 27 November 1941.

7. Three Soviet partisans.

8. A woman sets up a searchlight near London, January 19, 1943, trying to track down German bombers to attack anti-aircraft guns.

9. The German pilot, Captain Khan Raysh, shakes hands with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler after was awarded the Iron Cross, second degree in the Office of the Reich in Berlin, Germany, in April 1941, for outstanding service during World War II. In the background on Center - Hermann Goering. Right - Lt. Gen. Karl Bodenshatts of the German Air Ministry.

10. Women for the manufacture of campaign posters in Port Washington, New York, July 8, 1942.

11. A group of young Jewish resistance fighters escorted by German SS soldiers in April / May 1943, during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German forces after the uprising in the Jewish quarter.

12. More and more women enter the Luftwaffe during the mobilization campaign in Germany. The photo - German girls during training with men of the Luftwaffe, Germany, December 7, 1944.

13. Women are trained to perform the duties of police officers in the Women's Army Corps. The main requirements for the candidate is intelligence, intelligence and observation. The photo - WAAF member demonstrates self-defense techniques January 15, 1942.

14. The first female partisan body has just been formed in the Philippines and Filipino women are being trained November 8, 1941 at the shooting range in Manila.

15. Little known outside the country, although they opposed the fascist regime in 1927, the Italian unit "poppies" are fighting for freedom in the most hazardous conditions. The basis for the scene of action for them are the snow-capped peaks of the Franco-Italian border. This school teacher from the Aosta Valley beats alongside her husband in the "White Patrol", January 4, 1945.

16. Women of the defensive corps in Gloucester, Massachusetts, November 14, 1941.

17. The nurse assists the Chinese soldiers during the fighting at the front of the Salween River in Yunnan Province, China, June 22, 1943.

18. Women in the aircraft factory Douglas Aircraft, which specializes in the manufacture of A-20J bomber in Long Beach, Calif., in October 1942.

19. American film actress Veronica Lake, demonstrates what can happen to women at the bench, who wear their hair long, America, November 9, 1943.

20. Women zentichitsy, members of the Territorial Auxiliary Services (ATS), a London suburb May 20, 1941.

21. Two German women signaller during the Second World War.

22. The young Soviet girl tractor driver from Kirghizia (now Kyrgyzstan), August 26, 1942.

23. Ms. Paul Titus, 77-year-old spotter aircraft fire from the state of Pennsylvania, December 20, 1941. Ms. Titus entered the battle on the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. "I can not take up arms at any time when you need it," she said.

24. The battalion of Polish women held march through the streets of Warsaw to participate in the defense of the capital, after German troops invaded Poland in September 16, 1939.

25. Nurses for garbage collection in one of the wards in the hospital of St. Peter's, Stepney, East London, 19 April 1941. Four hospitals were among the buildings hit by German bombs during aviaataki in the British capital.

26. Photojournalist of the journal «Life» Margaret Bourke-White, in February 1943.

27. Polish women are in the woods to be executed by German soldiers in 1941.

28. Students at Northwestern University are studying the shooting on campus in Evanston, Ill., Jan. 11, 1942. Left to right: Joan of eighteen Paul, Oak Park, Illinois, Virginia, eighteen-year-Paisley, Lakewood, Ohio, nineteen Marian Walsh, also of Lakewood, twenty, Sarah Robinson, of Jonesboro, Arkansas; seventeen Elizabeth Cooper, Chicago, seventeen year old Harriet Ginsberg .

29. Military nurses are trained using the mask in Wales, 26 May 1944.

30. Ida Lupino film actress, is a lieutenant in the female corps, ambulances and defense. In the photo - she's telephone switchboard in Brentwood, Calif., January 3, 1942.

31. Military nurses are prepared for shipment to the Allies a base in New Guinea, 12 November 1942.

32. U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC, hears the report of Madame Chiang Kai-shek, wife of the Generalissimo of China, which stands for decisive action to stop the war in Japan, 18 February 1943.

33. American military nurses at the beach in Normandy, France, July 4, 1944. They are sent to field hospitals for the care of wounded Allied soldiers.

34. The French in the cordon Paris in August 1944, shortly before the surrender of German troops and the liberation of Paris on August 25.

35. Wounded German soldier disarmed members of the French internal security forces, including one woman, during street battles that preceded the entry of Allied troops in Paris in 1944.

36. Elizabeth "Lilo" Glod during the trial, where she is accused of involvement in the assassination of Adolf Hitler in July 1944. Elizabeth with her husband and mother, was convicted of conspiracy assistance to participants on July 20, whose purpose was to assassinate Hitler.

37. The civilian population of Romania, the men and women, young and old, digging antitank ditches in the border area, 22 June 1944.

38. Miss Jean Pitkeyti, nurse, military unit stationed in Libya, 18 June 1942.

39. 62nd Stalingrad army on the streets of Odessa in April 1944.

40. The girl, member of the resistance movement in Paris, France, August 29, 1944.

41. Kollaboratsionistku Grande Guillotte from Normandy, France, cut French patriots, July 10, 1944, in retaliation for cooperating with the enemy.

42. Women and children, who were among more than 40,000 concentration camp inmates, suffering from typhus, dysentery and hunger, sheltering in the barracks at Bergen-Belsen, Germany, in April 1945.

43. Women battalions SS concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen camp in Bergen, Germany, April 21, 1945.

44. The Soviet woman who works in the field, shakes his fist at a German prisoner of war, February 14, 1944.

45. In this photo taken June 19, 2009 photo of Susie Bein Austin, Texas, shows his picture in 1943. It is Air Force pilot during World War II.

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