[kl-bogel] Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012 in New York

Funny and bizarre outfits at Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012 in New York. At this year's New York Fashion Week designers presented a variety of unique, unusual and downright weird things.

(36 photos)

1. Blende.
At first glance it may seem that the model of Jeremy Scott bikini, but really this dress.

2. Naked shame.
Places for the imagination, looking for a man in such attire, there are few.

3. Small prints.
Heart with a bold accent print.

4. In the fringe.
The costume is decorated with a golden sheen many tiers of fringe.

5. Citrus salad.
A mixture of orange and light green colors - quite boldly, a collection of Nanette Lepore.

6. In red.
This model stood out flaming red dress from her Shabaeva Irene.

7. Look under the hood.
Hood model, suggests that this dress from Irene Shabaeva.

8. A female fox.
One of the fox-creations offered by The Blonds, presented at the Playboy September 14 during Fashion Week in New York.

9. From the hip.
High black leggings to the hip were motivated during the show The Blonds.

10. Studded with stars.
Bright sequins adorn this model from head to toe.

11. In peas.
Sandals with polka dots by Anna Sui.

12. Going to the south.
This is a beautiful pre-war South defeliruet during the show collections from Anna Sui.

13. In vest.
Long Pants are an integral part of the next spring-summer season.

14. Blue suede shoes.
The model demonstrates the latest fashion shoes spring-summer 2012.

15. Whipped cream.
Model walks the runway in dresses from Samantha Black.

16. In the style of Kruelly.
Model in the dress from Falguni & Shane.

17. In color.
Model in the costume of Duckie Brown

18. As a napkin.
In the model of a dress by Oscar de la Renta.

19. Hey, where are all gone?
Model in the dress of Leo Velasquez.

20. The Middle Ages.
Dress by Oscar de la Renta.

21. In the hat.
Model in dress by Betsey Johnson

22. The Green Movement.
A model presents the creation of Diane Von Furstenberg.

23. In the strip.
Model in the dress of Jen Kao.

24. Ready to fight.
Model of Patrick Ervell

25. "Hinting" outfit.

26. Spotted.
Model wearing a jacket from Custo Barcelona.

27. Pink hair.

28. Model of Saint Wobil - Darius Wobil.

29. Model of Saint Wobil - Darius Wobil.

30. In color.
Model in costume from Karen Walker.

31. In the pink.
A model presents creation Marchesa.

32. In the strip.

33. Model in the dress from Oscar de la Renta.

34. Dressed with a model of the Diesel Black Gold.

35. Funny faces from Betsey Johnson.

36. Heel in the form of roses.
These shoes from Prada will be seen on the streets of Manhattan in the spring of 2012.

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