[kl-bogel] Ancient and medieval Mesopotamia in the photographs.

Photos of early 20th century, dedicated to Iraq, or rather the ancient and medieval Mesopotamia.
Many of the photos to view full size.
Bird's-eye view at the Great Mosque of al-Mutawakkil in Samarra, far away is the later medieval town, it is noticeable that it entirely, just over the Grand Mosque, it was the largest mosque in the Caliphate.

The excavation of the palace of the caliphs at Samarra, in the background Mutawakkil mosque and its minaret Mulvey (shell)

The walls of the Great Mosque Mutawakkil. Length of sides 240 to the mosque 156 meters.

Mosque of al-Askari shrine in Samarra.

Muezzin in Baghdad.

Market in Baghdad

Talisman fortress tower in Baghdad.

Ships on the Tigris are the same as a thousand years ago.

This landmark pools. tool called Couffo in such baskets Sumerians still floated on the Tigris.

Couffo can be both large and small, for one person.

Ships on the Tigris

The ruins of Babylon.

Gates of Ishtar in Babylon.

Gates of the palace of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon.

The ruins of the Assyrian city of Ashur its Ziggurat in the background.

Ziggurat at Ur.

The Western Wall ziggurat at Ur.

Oplyvshy ziggurat at Nimrud.

The ruins of the Sasanian palace at Ctesiphon.

Holy Shiite city of Najaf is buried in the sand.

Fortifications of Najaf

Najaf - the city panorama.

City of the dead in Najaf.

"The Castle of Sennacherib" - the ruins of fortress walls in Mosul.

Sanctuary Yazidis in Mosul.

The gate in the walls of Irbil in northern Iraq.

Hatun Mausoleum Zimurrud in Baghdad.

Minaret in the city of Hilla.

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