[kl-bogel] The production of oak barrels for cognac (37 photos)

Barrel. How much of this word for a manufacturer of cognac. Indeed, in the dark depths of the oak container is inaccessible to the human eye the mystery of maturation of the drink. Filled into the barrel grape alcohol, absorbs the energy of a multi-year wood, imbue it smells and changes its color. And the longer the grape spirit is still locked up in chains of oak, the deeper, finer, more varied and multi-valued properties are now available to taste will the finished product.

The production of oak barrels for cognac (37 photos)

Do not be afraid to call the magic of the transformation of a pure and clear as the morning dew, grape alcohol, just to cool off in the distillation coil, cube, dark amber liquid, filled with sunlight, warming the vineyards. As nothing but witchcraft could be called the process of changing the taste of alcohol with a pronounced fruity in aged cognac with untold variety and flavors of nutmeg and flowers, coffee beans and vanilla, fruit and chocolate. This is the magic of transformation presents us with a bouquet of aromas and long finish changing cognac, something for which he is loved and appreciated.

Procedures and technology of cognac rigidly defined and strictly regulated. Oak for barrels had to grow up in France. In the production of these barrels cooperage oak is used in two French regions: Limousin and Tronse.

We sergeydolya dima_chatrov and passed along the entire process of manufacturing oak barrels for cognac in the world's largest cooperage industry - factory Seguin Moreau.

The cut sandwiches as oak barrels dried for eight months in the wild

Then napilivayutsya not identical plaques, which will be collected from a barrel. These tablets are dried for approximately 3-4 months. The surface of the wood darkens

Using the technology of drying boards occasionally watered

dima_chatrov taste the oak juice, trying to determine the flavor characteristics of the future of brandy

All pieces of wood carefully sorted for marriage and defects. All storage areas are labeled

After drying, the blanks shaved and the process of assembly. First collected by one side of a metal drum hoop

The resulting half-barrel is placed on a brazier for burning the inside surface. Fire softens the surface of the oak, and as a result of thermal treatment of glucose contained in the wood structure, a layer of sugar.

The degree of roasting significantly affect the taste of cognac.

Collected in the bottom of the barrel hoop

Barrel rolls and re-fired

Finally, tightly contracted fixing hoops


Bottoms installed

Warmly heated tip burnt a hole in aspic

Its tapered shape and size is fixed

The barrel is equipped with a stopper

Instructions for use

Glued pride

And the barrel goes into the finished product storage

In a separate workshop gathered a huge barrel of wine

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