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Persepolis - witness the power of the Persian ...
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In honor of the conquest of a large number of countries, Darius ordered to build the great city of Persepolis, which was planning to do in the future center of the world. It happened in the middle of I millennium BC, the Mount Rahmat. Sixty years of slave labor built this great city.


Buildings constructed in etomantichnom city, standing on a huge monolithic platform. For your presentation: 300 meters wide, and 455 in length, covers the platform area of 125,000 square meters of Persepolis


Before the entrance we are waiting for a large, two-sided staircase, which has 110 steps. The left side of the staircase was designed exclusively for the Persians, and the right for representatives of other nations. Rising before we open a log, which is protected by winged bulls "posed" by Xerxes I to both sides. These gates have a height of 25 meters, as they are painted in cuneiform.

Given the fact that the Persians are very sensitive to astrology, and by the time a building built in the city along the flat line, which up to determine the time

Because the city had become the center of the world, Darius did not spare him any money. Persepolis palaces were decorated with the most exquisite jewels

Procession of the subjects in the frescoes of Persepolis

View of the Tomb

In one of the palaces (Apadan) was found a secret room in which   found a wooden sarcophagus. It has long kept the gold and silver plates with cuneiform and coins. In the entire city had found a lot of boards with cuneiform writing, and they are certainly very hay material for researchers.

Persepolis was a secular place. In this city, frequented by the elite of other nations. The last king of the Achaemenid Empire, Darius III, was defeated at the Battle of Gaugamela army of Alexander of Macedon in 330 BC Darius was able to escape from the battlefield, then for this shameful act, he had lost his life. Alexander, whom the Persians, by the way, called "cursed." Allowed his soldiers to loot and vandalize the city.

After which the town was burned and not rebuilt. Thus, from the face of the earth disappeared witness the great Persian greatness and power - City of Persepolis

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