[kl-bogel] Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg.

Post a mosque on the Petrograd side, I wanted to write a long, somehow did not reach the hands. But the recent demolition of the mosque in Moscow has pushed me to what I would do it faster.

The fact that this mosque is called the Cathedral, I learned long ago, always called her the Tatar mosque, but it is not the case. Since childhood, looking at Petrogradka from the center catches the eye this turquoise dome of the mosque with two minarets fine. It has always been some sort of a mystery.

Why is that a child was thought that there absolutely can not enter, but since I lived on until April, was not in Istanbul and wandered to a local mosque. I realized that there was nothing forbidden, and after a trip to me there was hope that I have in our mosques ever find myself.

Recently, walking around town, again passing it, I was determined to go inside, and lo and behold, you are openly and nobody can say the word, the main take off your shoes.
You know in an instant what was the secret of my life, but was always close opened. All is calm and easy, and most importantly how much and in St. Petersburg, monumental. I am proud that this mosque is in my town and just can not imagine how someone might think about its demolition for the expansion as it did in Moscow.

Until recently, the Great Mosque in St. Petersburg was the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe, as until recently it was the northernmost mosque in the world.
It was built for the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty in 1913, and the interior trim finished in 1920. It has built a Russian architect Nikolai V. Vasilyev (which his life ended in 1958 in New York), for example, he took the Gur Emir mausoleum in Samarkand.
For the construction of the mosque threw off the entire Russian Empire required amount of 750 000. During 10 years in the country, for that lottery tickets were issued and printed postcards with views of the mosque project. The biggest contribution made emir of Bukhara, who paid 321,000 rubles for the land and the land on the Petrograd side has always been price, including today.

Interior decoration:

View from Trinity Bridge:

View from the Admiralty Embankment:

In general, it is very different from all those mosques that are in our country, it is something elusive, North ...

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