[kl-bogel] Feminists (20 photos)

Educational program for feminists from their own lips. Source - the same name VKontakte group.
If some of the ladies thinks that her beauty has no place in this vile magazine, let me write.

I hate guys ... they are traitors, scum and vermin that need not deveushka and puppet sex and all the while asserting that they are the strongest

Feminists (20 photos)

Oh, and most likely the men are hiding behind our backs! They are so helpless gone! Collapsing stereotypes, women are now feeding the family!

I want my husband to sit with the baby in a maternity and no one accused me of it!

I stayed in the country chopping wood, and her husband went to walk the baby in the woods, the woods he "accidentally" met as many as 3 neighbor-one that made the round eyes in a secret was told: "Do you know that your there FIREWOOD Colette ". Not otherwise it was thought that he was going to drop everything and run to resent.

95% of the male population-GOATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are blunt, offended, do not understand the humor ... and do not hold back their promises! Short bar !!!!!

Yes .. men scoundrels. These cloths do not deserve to be on a par with women. They are lower level. Of course, not all freaks, I do not blame them, but the rest ... castrate little.

Of course not all ugly ... just where to look and not ugly like to recognize them ????? Boys Hunteress Hunter stands on Guys, here's how to live, I think - they treat us like since ... And we are him as an object of interest vryamya transmission!)))

And the guy I want just sex .... relationship is not necessary ... Permanent bans .. Tin ..

Actually, I have met in my life 3 types of guys: you tell him that we will not work, the first saying "fuck you, I'm still going to pursue, would you like it or not", the latter began to say, I bitch and stupid creature, while others passed it by.
A guy I do not want to pursue, maybe, he begins to treat you, for granted.
I am a feminist, but not muzhenenivistnik. But among men does not. They all women prostitutes to keep.

I threatened that martial arts is not for women, because they interfere with their reproductive organs. I do not agree with this and I think that the struggle to deal with.

Theoretically, the world of women without men is possible - reproduction by cloning, but the world of men is not ... not yet come up with an artificial "generic device", so that men will die Beh women ... they are dependent. That's the difference.

Approximately 80% of women do not want to marry because of the 70 oz sausage is not profitable to keep the whole beast!

I respect only intellectual work. All the rest - for cattle, regardless of gender, who did not have enough brains to go to college and finish it. Dirty hands wheelbarrow does not stain!

I would gladly served in the army
men initially considered wooing of a child with something disgusting, degrading their manhood, believing that it ridiculed by his comrades.

men do go to work on heavy jobs. So, they want it and not for anything else not able to, that's all. Anyone who is capable of - getting an education and go to work on an intellectual, well-paid job and not dusty. Sorry, cinder block and drag the animal may, for this drain is not necessary ...
By the way, at the expense of "in the face," I can stand up for themselves, really. The weakness of women - it's a stereotype

yes I am for the Amazons! because you Murska race die out! some go a womanizer who want to shove their horseradish anybody and even though everything that moves, or guys like rags, incapable, queers, or reminding them - always chatting on the phone, as women, or alcoholics future vyebyvayuschiesya, always with a bottle beer and a cigarette in his mouth! I'm not talking about drug addicts! and there are still to be heads of families! ha! rzhunemogu, head of the family! That's why I FOR feminism!

Housewives for people they do not think the salary for heavy domestic work no pay. A stand-alone women, many men do not recognize.

I very much sympathize with the separatist feminism, I close all the beliefs of this school, besides I still antiseksual, transhumanists and childfree

We in Moscow scared to go in the evening. In general, fear of rapists, parents do not let their daughters walk in the evening because we have men ozhno obsalyutno all.

I want to see a man beaten into a bloody mess, with a heel, hammered into his mouth, like an apple in its mouth in pigs

Last - Andrea Rita Dworkin, a feminist with a frenzied active citizenship. Was ardent opponent of pornography, believing that the actresses out there do not fuck and raped. Already died.

By the way, I understand that if for feminist rage to a snout, as if this guy, then she will not mind?

Source: tvorez-porno.livejournal.com

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