[kl-bogel] 50 years later, Chai still PR, Mismah took 29 years became citizen...

Chai King Nin is a green identity card holder stll waiting for his permanent residency card or a MyKad.

He fled to Sarawak in the 1950s to escape the unrest in Indonesia. Later, he married a local and had five children.

The septuagenarian and former cook is now retired and living off his EPF savings.

Although he has an EPF account, he is not allowed to open a bank account, apply for a passport, hold a driving licence or even pay the same rates as the locals in government hospitals all because he is a green identity card holder.

"Effectively, he is stateless," said Pending state assemblyperson Violet Yong, who raised the matter during a press conference yesterday.

"Chai is treated like a foreigner and as no country to call his own."

"We were pushed from one department to another. We were greeted with answers such as 'waiting for directive from the top'," said Yong.

King Nin said that before this, he had approached the same departments countless times, all in vain.

On top of that, he has to renew his social visit for RM90 annually at the immigration department.

On the other hand, Mismah despite staying in the country for only 29 years, she was able to become a Malaysian citizen and granted full voting rights.

Mismah, 47, from Bawaen, Indonesia found herself the focus of media attention when accusations arose that she was a voter despite not being a Malaysian citizen.

"It is unfortunate that government policies are so lopsided that it is willing to do anything to stay in power or gain politically but when it comes to ordinary folks, they are brushed aside," she added.

She said that Chai's case was not uncommon and hoped that the government would look into the matter.


Kgen wrote - To fastrack himself to a citizen all that Chai has to do is:

1) Go to EC and make a pledge to vote for BN. EC will put him on the rolls.

2) Tip off an opposition politician that a green card holder is registered as a voter

3) NRD will upgrade him to citizen in a matter of hours.

Tapi aku tengok ramai Indon dan Bangala yang buka akaun bank, dapat lesen memandu dan rempit sana sini.

Aku rasa cadangan di atas adalah yang terbaik bagi Chai....


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