[kl-bogel] Melawat Mesir Bumi Ambia 'nan bersih'.. 2

в Индии

As the title of the post - a continuation of the story about the city scavengers. Who has not read the first part, it is better to start from here
http://fotomm.livejournal.com/34126.html , to understand where and what happens .. All others continue to suggest a walk around the city-dump.

On the streets the same thing happening. On approaching the machine with the waste they attack a group of teenagers and children, and begin to throw off everything down. Part bags cocks at once ascends to the roof, apparently to dry.
It is surprising that this work is done with evident interest, efficiently, I would say even enthusiastically. And they do not look quite so unhappy, many greeting smile, adults seem quite friendly.

Floating in the air chapel with plywood crosses give mystical meaning of the environment.

All sorts of living creatures on the streets are full - rats, cats, dogs, goats, pigs, .. well, people of course:)

Sit men of venerable age, well dressed, and paying no attention to the stench lingers in the air and on the edges of the street towering bales of waste, quietly talking, drinking coffee.

Who is right and tries to talk to me, others watch from afar ...
children is constantly crawling and unceremoniously pulled the clothes and the camera.

Certain fears inspired pack of stray dogs. Bald, with diseased eyes, they grinned, squealing and growling when I tried to get closer to their territory.
Unwittingly found myself thinking that now would be happy to put on a respirator or at least a gauze mask was so much feeling in the air soaring infection.

If you want, right here you can eat. There are food stalls, with carts selling fruit.
.. But I do not wish to appear ..

Great challenge for me were, oddly enough, the children immediately surrounding on all sides, constantly screaming and jerking his clothes and hands.
Worth only a fair showing patience, to get away from a gang of young thugs, like the corner to replace it resorted to another. The camera had to hide all the time, and not to tear off dirty hands with a belt!

Imagine a portrait of some of our political leaders in such an entourage:)

Residents of the city probably also think about its beauty - as can be decorated, such as paper garlands.
Although there are associations with Buddhist or Hindu trappings, yet the general population are Christians - the Copts.

Hit the shot the boy-devil, just do not have horns. In fact, he helps his father to sew mattresses.

Passing by, glanced at a door and suddenly saw himself kachkovy room with exercise machines, weights, barbells.
Basement, ground floor, covered with a dirty carpet, walls and flashing obsharpanye luminescent light.

The owner, a manager can "rocking", Mohamed - a hefty fellow in a Muslim robe, after a short greeting he asked me - "Muslim?" - In the sense of a Muslim if I did not and got an affirmative answer, he allowed only do 2-3 pull down, and then asked to leave.
Who knows, maybe there shaking their muscles against the infidel fighters, supporters of jihad, or even what the terrorists:)

He looked through the other door and got into a locksmith shop.
Man, it seems not at all surprised at my appearance, still grind out what that blanks on the lathe.
Machine itself, and all around, as if from the last century - is so old and shabby ..

Schoolgirls returning to classes, although it has long evening - probably "prodlenka" as we do ..

The city authorities turned a blind eye to people's lives in this strange neighborhood and called it all "environmental project".
This is partly true.
According to some estimates up to 85 percent of the debris, brought here, one can sort out and somehow let the secondary circulation.
How to feel at the same time "workers, environmentalists" to ensure that this result is what is happening to their health and that of their children, this government seems to be not particularly think.

Was dark, leaving the city scavengers, I kept thinking - what makes people do this all his life, the tradition is, whether a certain consciousness of his mission, predestined fate or simply banal limitations and inability to escape from the daily concerns of the circle, providing a living wage.

After a half hour walk, and not finding the road to the Monastery of St. Simeon, I turned back. Half an hour later, already in the dark, I finally got to the track and got into the minibus to the center.
After half an hour breakneck race through the narrow streets and against all the rules to bypass traffic jams, arrived at the station Ramsis. Hence, already on foot came to the Nile and Tahrir Square.

In the evening there youth party. Boys and girls, dressed to the nines, and ride the boat, gorgeous colored lights.
Shout loudly, acting up, dance to local music colorful belly dancing - a curious sight to the European scene, I tell you!
No European or American hits are here you will not hear all his own, native, native Arabic ...
Barker nimble boats are invited to join this action for 3-5 pounds.

Sorry, but not this time. I hasten to the hotel to collect our things, because today we leave this mysterious Egypt and return to his homeland.

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