[kl-bogel] Giant cruise ships in the port of Odessa

LJ user horoshiyblog writes: As everyone knows, Odessa - incredibly steep. It is known and glamorous overseas ships that regularly sail to Odessa, to show the glamorous overseas tourists that all their Paryzhy compared with Odessa almost Zhmerynka. In Odessa, I was the fourth time and every time I see there is some great big cruise ships, but this time they stood there as many as three, headed by Queen Victoria, owned by legendary British company Cunard Line.

In addition to Queen Victoria in the port liner was Nautica, on which 3 years ago was attacked and fired on Somali pirates, and the futuristic French Le Levant, more like a yacht of Abramovich.

(33 photos)

1. With a tonnage of 90,000 gross tons, Queen Victoria - the third largest ship Cunard Line, after the Queen Mary 2, and was built in 2010 on the Italian shipyards liner Queen Elizabeth. It should be a miracle, by the way, 300 million euros.

2. For the first time in its history, Cunard Line has appeared three other vessels, bearing the names of the queens of Great Britain.

3. Queen Victoria Keel was laid on May 12, 2006, the liner have collected, like a child's set of 80 prefabricated units, and it was not just a steel box, and completely finished the section, until the finishing of rooms and buildings.

4. The weight of each section of 325 tons. January 15, 2007 on board the Queen Victoria slammed a bottle of Prosecco, and lowered the ship into the water. During the ceremony, performed a traditional ritual for Cunard, the base of the mast for radar laid two coins, the euro and gold sovereign since Queen Victoria. December 7 Queen Victoria magnificently met in Southampton, home port. Of the vessel to the British port by the way, is considered very prestigious, and is usually credited for saving the Owners of the court to the ports of some of Liberia.

5. The liner was baptized the next wife of Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla Kornuolsskaya, and with great embarrassment. Device did not work the shutter bottle of champagne. The bottle had to go manually, but it is not broke. Sign, as you know, very bad. A bottle of Veuve Clicquot is still broken, but alas, not the first attempt. The British media immediately began to wonder what it is. Go to the next to divorce Prince Charles, or bad fate awaits liner?

6. Overseas tourists, meanwhile, with a high glancing at Odessa from the balconies of their cabins

7. Suddenly, the side has something to open

8. From there came a man in uniform and looked at me sternly

9. Behind him is another. And to the overseas tourist was not boring, they began to look at Odessa down all together

10. So now Cunard fleet consists of Queen Victoria, RMS Queen Mary 2, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Elizabeth. At Queen Victoria is no prefix RMS, but it is not so insignificant. RMS, this is Royal Mail Ship - Royal Mail Ship. Victoria has not received and the status of the passenger liner, it limited the lowly "cruise." However, in spite of such humiliation, the liner is unique in its own way, as though all the ships Cunard.

11. On the liner 7 restaurants, 13 bars, 3 swimming pools, a ballroom and theater. The theater is interesting because it was the first theater on board with private lodges. Among the other attractions of the liner should be noted conservatory with retractable roof and a fountain, as well as navigation room on Deck 2, at 77 seats. Chic room is decorated with nautical charts (marked by sand), models, and all sorts of maritime artifacts and paintings by two well-known authentic marine painter Robert Lloyd, depicting icons Cunard - Cunard first ship, Britannia, and the first steel ship Cunard, Servia.

















28. As an added bonus for your patience in reading this post - here's Ukrainian Princess, assigning to the port of Freetown ... (superstrany capital of Sierra Leone)

29. Swim it from Odessa to Istanbul. Soon I want to swim in it, and then fly to Istanbul by plane are not interested in the sea better!

30. And here is the truck Afric Star, proudly bearing the flag of another superstrany - Liberia. Liberia provides a benefit when you make a port of the vessel, and therefore occupies a place in the world in terms of tonnage registered in its merchant ships. You have it.

31. What he brought to us? Maybe it? By the way, who knows what this is?

32. Close

33. All right, time to call it a day, all thanks for your attention! Bye!

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