[kl-bogel] Rocamadour, France

Rocamadour is one of the most famous pilgrimage centers after in 1166 there was found an ancient tomb with the incorruptible relics. As soon as they began the acquisition of miracles, so we decided that this power of the Christian hermit St. Amadura ("lover of rocks"). Place and called Rocamadour.

(33 photos)


2. Winding down the serpentine road I'll go, we stopped at the site to make a couple of shots with a good view.

3. The car was thrown down on the huge parking lot and ran into the city, ylo somewhere between 8yu and 9yu morning and hope that tourists will be quite a bit more justified. Going up I was photographing the magical city of a different angle ...





8. A little historical digression. When something is very, very long lived there for one frame, on behalf of Amadur who loved the mountains, lived, lived and then died, as usual, we know only that the mountain was very fond of. When some boys found it in 1166, then wrote to the throne, that guy usoh slightly after his death, but was little changed, on what the current Pope verdict: "One hundred pounds of our holy man!" The machine began to spin, drum in a rock on location of the relics of the Temple, brought back the Black Madonna and the main pilgrimage and tourist operator said: "Everybody over there!" The Human Well flowed a river, overgrown town restaurants, hotels and spas, but had grown so beautiful that the crowd was still unabated. There is nothing surprising, even if we forget about the power that is said to perform miracles from time to time, for me so the city itself, is a miracle! And wandering through the narrow streets, stairways, prohodikam, imbue this beauty so that what you want, or not, you'll be better and cleaner! Light it or something, just very good! That is why I gave that name and position.

PS I do something I love mountains, too, if that ... maybe too old for some cream to anoint Dries up oily ...


10. That's within the church looks very unusual, when instead of the wall-rock, but I had already seen this in Italy, will show you when your arms reach!



13. Rock paintings, one feels that it is slimming fans old Amadura ...


15. Here is an artist, by the way the first was in the square near the temple, we have already come Tanyuskoy second, I wanted to peep that she was drawn there, but the disposition was uncomfortable ...

16. Our journey was on the top of the city, on a winding road, consisting of 14 intermediate stops at exactly the same time Christ stopped on his way to Calvary. Actually climb is not difficult if you do not, an American tourist in "lie down on the floor in Bruges." Who is watching, he will understand, who did not look, to view!

17. With the top open smart types, I'm very pleased with the street view birds eye, sorry is not always possible to take a point.







24. Going down, did not deny himself the pleasure of his pozaglyadyvat televichkom in Aboriginal window, well, admit it, because all sinned voyeurism))




28. Well, after Sarlat realized that part of a wedding day must necessarily be given shoot parts without a coherent picture of the city ...



31. It was quite down, down to the parking lot, noticed that right out of the rock (there was a garage) has left an aging playboy, crazy wheelbarrow on the color of mercury, he was approached by his grandmother (it was a pleasant and surprising, as the boys of his age with wheelbarrows more likely to change at 1h60 3h20) and they gazanuli to prom ... Too bad the picture did not have time to do better.

32. But leaving the city, I could not stop when he saw what a great view of the city opened the side, almost created a traffic jam on the narrow road, but he spat at all, climbed to about 50 meters up the hill, scared 2-roe, is clearly not waiting for me to see there, and made this wonderful shot. Perhaps it was necessary to make it the first "packing", but decided today not to shoot down the chronology.

33. Well, it was another very serious delight to my eyes, and I hope you enjoyed it.


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