[kl-bogel] North Vietnam. In the peasant's house.


в Индии

The last time I spoke about the amateur bull eggs - Nguyen boy. http://fotomm.livejournal.com/41471.html
And now look at the guests to the peasants living on the slopes and working on the terraces.

It clearly shows how to construct a terrace. Everything is done manually - a tool, such as picks and shovels.
It's amazing how it is possible to maintain their shape and keep the soil from sliding in such a quantity of water poured on the terrace at constant rains and fogs. This is accomplished through multiple drains. As a result, the right amount of moisture retained on the terrace, and the excess flow down to lower lying - and so on.

While I phot terrace, passed by Vietnamese with a child and firewood.
A short exchange of gestures, and now she gets out of his linen bags all things, which it believes should be interested in any normal tourist - what then ribbons, charms, purses, scarves.

She did it so carefully and persistently, that I gave in - after she bought out of politeness purse for 20 rubles. - Just not to be offended.
But at the same time and asked for a visit - the house is very close.

The house is buried in the bush - I think there have always local to deal with this heavily vegetated, the conditions for growth are ideal, always hot and humid ..

On the threshold of the house greeted the frightened dogs and children.

I understand that in Vietnam no problems with fertility, even though this is far from a wealthy family, children - how much do the math.

I asked where her husband - a man of the house and whether you can go inside without his knowledge.
Shows the terraces nearby - there's really working her man - plowing through the buffalo and plow the land.
After a little hesitation, yet inviting house.

Inside we met a young grandmother with dogs.
Uncomplicated wooden house has a dirt floor and several rooms in which co-exist side by side and people and animals - dogs, poultry.
Almost no furniture, except for the old wooden beds and plastic chairs.

Cheerful grandma again suggests to me that to buy something, apparently, in any foreigner they see a prosperous man.
While this is true, if you compare me with them:)

The whole crowd of people following me relentlessly until I look around the house and keep what is said and laughed.
But it is in their blood - a very smiley and friendly nation.
Remove the remaining, smaller room of perhaps not - very dark.
Asked for water, drank and took his leave.

It looks like they were in some bewilderment - why come to this strange man - do not buy ..

The view from the doorway of the hut. Let's look, where in both figuratively and literally plowed head of the family ..

This view of the cabin itself from the terraces, where he works owner.

It clearly shows how much water flooded terraces. What is there more to plow, it would seem - and so solid dirt!

And here's our grower!

under my feet I saw a berry that looks like our strawberries - did not dare to try ..

Buffalo - large and powerful animal, but look how it frightened - when he saw a stranger, so shied, his master gestured to me, so I walked away.

This - monochrome version, I think is also quite nice.
I left this place at dusk, but still managed to take off a few good shots. about it - in the next post ..

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