[Mcm2Ada] Nasi Pilaf dari berbagai citarasa

Pilaf is Mediterranean

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Summer in full swing, you can easily get into someone else's garden and flowers there to kick zucchini. Joke. It is better to raise yourself or just ask who has the cottage or plot. Suitable flowers are not only squash but also squash, zucchini. So as not to damage the crop, collect only empty shell. In the filling can be devised to take any beef: grilled mushrooms, boiled eggs, rice, cheese, etc. We have a Mediterranean theme - hence the composition of meat:
• 5 boiled quail eggs or a chicken
• 100 g cheese suluguni (any infusible cheese - Adyghe, cheese)
• 100 g smoked squid cooked or ready-made conventional
• fennel greens or any
• spoon heavy cream or mayonnaise

To this end, I chose pilaf mix of brown unpolished rice with wild rice.
• Rice 350 g
• Olive oil 150 g
• 2 onions
• Carrots 300 g
• Spices - Imeretian saffron, Zira, cardamom 4 - 5 pcs.
• Salt, sugar, 1 tablespoon
• Hot pepper
• 800g frozen cooked shrimp

Let's start with the rice. Promoem and soak it immediately. This pic in particular does not need washing, after the first time water has remained clean.
Flowers pubs we'll fry in batter. Therefore, make batter. It can be done on soda or beer - your choice.
• 140 g flour
• 220 ml of mineral water or beer
• Salt
Mix the ingredients whisk, there should be consistency of pancake dough. Place in refrigerator.

Meanwhile, prepare vegetables for pilaf - diced carrots, onions and hot pepper rings. Brew with boiling water saffron.

Rinse shrimp and soak in salted water.
Let us flowers. Rinse and dry. Remove the pistils. Conveniently small scissors.
Chop fine cheese, squid, eggs, dill. Add cream, stir. Salt is not necessary, cheese and salted squid already.

Start a neatly stuffed flowers, the petals close.

Getting started roasting. Pour into a deep pot of oil so that the flowers are covered in half. Each flower is dipped in batter, drain off excess dough give and fry batches with 2 sides for a few seconds each, not much zazharivaya, grab only give the test. Spread on a napkin to soak up the excess fat. Failed to open buds without filling and dip in batter and fry them without stuffing.

Here's the first zakus! (Instead of Jizzakh) It can be a bit of shrimp in prikusku, because they are already cooked.

Breath, begin to pilaf.
In hot oil fry the onion rings. Then, with carrots. Add a spoonful of sugar and fry.

Cover with water as usual to cover the vegetables, add pepper. Salt, add half the cumin. Simmer 15 minutes.

Drain the rice with water. Lay the rice pilaf. Pour boiling water above the rice to 2 fingers. Despite the fact that rice soaked for a long time, it can still fall apart badly. Dosolit, if needed. Evaporate the water over high heat. When it almost does not remain, some bulbs, go pour strained tincture of saffron, cardamom seeds, cumin rest, rub between your palms.
When all the liquid evaporate, reduce the heat to minimum, put the rice on top of shrimp. Cover. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Before serving. Shrimps off. Pilaf mix, put on a plate. Put the stuffed shrimp and flowers.
Taste of sharp-spicy-sweet, rich, in general).

Shrimp gave her juice into risotto, to enrich its flavor themselves losing the its richness, but in return for acquiring the aroma and taste of pilaf. If you have a clean taste, cost-effective to add the shrimp in risotto. Clean them, while reaching pilaf and mix with the finished pilaf. Each product while retaining its taste.

Pilaf on our way .... in Brazil.

  • Jul. 25th, 2011 at 12:34 AM
There is a range of different varieties of rice have been for every taste and color. I chose a mixture with the addition of wild rice.
In one of the recipes are meat Brazilian meat is fried with a mixture of dried herbs, pepper and add the dry wines such as Sherry.
Combine a everything we have and get pilaf!

As a basis we take the recipe with pilaf lobiey
For it will need:
  • 350g rice
  • 350 g carrots
  • 2 bulbs (one in the marinade)
  • 100-150 g of beans
  • 150 g of vegetable oil
  • 800 g of beef ribs (boneless meat in 2 times less)
  • 10 pieces small chesnochin
  • 2 small, but very hot pepper
  • spices for the meat (by preference)
  • Zira, salt

Meat for the first pilaf zamarinuem with onions, spices, but without the salt, add a bit of dry wine. I did it at night. In the refrigerator.
Proceed to the pilaf. Put the beans to boil in salted water for 1 hour, plus or minus. Water, of course, from the black beans are also black)).
While the cooked beans chop the onions and carrots as a standard for pilaf - semirings, straws.

Meat removed from the marinade, onion off. Fry in hot oil. Then fresh and pickled onions to the same together with the marinade. When the fry - the carrot.

Lightly fried, add water, good salt, add half the cumin, garlic, pepper. Boil zirvak 45min - 1 hour.
Meanwhile, drain the beans and put aside. I have a slightly digested.
Wash and soak rice.

Get all the garlic and pepper. Lay the rice in a large kettle, pour water on the 1.5 - 2 inches above the rice, dosolit, if needed. Evaporate the water over high heat.
Then add back all of the cauldron - beans, garlic, pepper. Sprinkle with remaining grated in the palms ziroy. Cover and let stand on very low heat for 20 minutes.

Again, remove the side garlic, pepper. Stir, pull out the meat, spread directly on the plate. Decorate.

At the competition "World pilaf"

Someone wants to Paris and Sicily
Someone stole tends to Murmansk.
And I was drawn to Brazil
For the great Brazilian mystery.

Bender sought frantically to Rio,
There's Don Pedro lives with his bottom Rozoyu.
The sun shines a radiant,
There is no winter, but with frost.
The rich kids out there are lost
Along with the memory and the state.
Princes only vlyubyalyutsya cowherd,
And speeches are suffering from incontinence.

Ah, Brazil, fairy tale fantasy
I thought you amazingly.
Once the food - as will be surprise.
The truth is quite doubtful.

Alex S. Zheleznov

World pilaf "Crown of Monomakh"

  • Jul. 17th, 2011 at 11:47 PM
This pilaf as a grab-bag - 4 to 1.
Summer vegetables. You can improvise all summer with them. Why not try a few options to merge the vegetable mix. Vegetables stuffed with almost every country in any way. So rightly be called a pilaf world. Besides, it looks very rich and festive.
Uzbek proverb says: "Poor people eat risotto, a rich man eats only pilaf"
This risotto will satisfy everyone.

At the competition "World pilaf"
To do this, take a pilaf vegetables at the rate of one pepper, tomato, zucchini and eggplant slice on the consumer.
Also still need:
  • hot pepper, garlic
  • spices for pilaf
  • 150 ml vegetable oil
  • 500 g rice
  • quail eggs for 1 - 2 of tomato
  • 400 g carrots
  • 200 g onions
For the stuffing:
  • 500 - 600 g beef or lamb
  • 200 g onions
  • green beam
  • spices for the meat, salt
  • 1 egg
Right in the center of my competitive plastic "nick"

Prepare vegetables. Let's start with the eggplant. Cut into equal pieces of about 5 - 6 cm Cut the middle, leaving a centimeter of the wall. And the lower the aubergine stock in well salted water to remove bitterness.
The same is done with zucchini, but without soaking. Pepper cored.

Proceed to the stuffing. Meat with onions through a meat grinder with large bars. Add lots of greens, egg. I do not change my favorite guy's Basilica), Luke and greenery to spare, they will give juicy stuffing, fans can add more fat kurdjuchnogo fat in ground beef, salt, Season, spices, mix well. Stuff all the vegetables except the tomatoes. Of the remaining stuffing meatballs with wet hands sformovat.

In the cauldron heat the oil. Fry the meatballs parties, zucchini and eggplant. Zucchini are fried a little longer than the eggplant. Add all to one side.

Then fry onions, add carrots to it. Sauté onion.

Then, on a bed of onions and carrots lay below stuffed peppers and zucchini, eggplant and meatballs - on top, they will be prepared as if for a couple. Pour water on half way to cover only the bottom layer of vegetables and salt. Garlic stick, put the hot peppers. And cook for 30 minutes zirvak after boiling.

Meanwhile, wash and soak rice. This time I used Basmati variety, and very happy.
To prepare tomatoes for stuffing. Donets cut and remove the core of the coffee spoon. Season with salt and turn upside down onto a plate to a stack of extra juice.
Came time to bookmark rice. All the vegetables extract. Leave only carrots and onions. Add salt at the rate shown in Fig. Put the rice in a large kettle, pour boiling water if needed just above the layer of rice on top of 1.5 -2 cm pour spices. This time, used to spice pilaf with turmeric and barberry, and ziroy, of course. Evaporate the water over high heat.

While rice is boiling, let us tomatoes. The most convenient way to fill out quail eggs. Depending on the size of tomatoes, use 1 - 3 of quail eggs. Fill the tomatoes with eggs, salt and pepper.

When the evaporated water, rice, collect a pile. On the edge of the expanded peppers, zucchini, meatballs as will fit. And if it does not fit, then do not. in principle they are ready. Eggplants do not put, they are ready. Put the garlic, pepper. Put the tomatoes. Cover with lid, bowl, or kicking. It is convenient to put on a pot with eggplant lagans not to cool down.

Stand on the very low heat for another 25 minutes.

Vegetables aside. Rice mixed with carrots. Put everything nicely on lagans. Meatballs places there is not enough to overload the song I did not. More were planned boiled quail eggs, but all turned out well enough.

Pilaf - even in Africa pilaf!

  • Aug. 21st, 2011 at 10:18 PM
The easiest to implement, the most delicious, most exotic and most expensive, made my risotto.
Had the idea to photograph the shelves with a variety of rice in the supermarket, looking at ideas that are born in my head. But it will be a next time I'll go for the regular portion of rice)) Every time I think it will be the last experiment, but stumbled on the next pack of unusual rice, start dancing with a tambourine.

At this time, black rice prompted direction ... in Africa. Put it in the same supermarket crop of exotic fruit.
What is there in Africa and around the growing - pineapples, bananasy, coconuts, Mom and Dad ... Cannon also take, have not tried that for a fruit. At home, Googling to learn that the fruits of carambola are known as tropical stars, are an excellent source of vitamin C. Most are used for decoration. Let's do that.
So, it would be sweet pilaf. Take:

  • 2 cups wild rice

  • 2 cups of the mixture of dried fruits - pineapple, coconut, dried bananas, raisins, Papaya, Cashew nuts and almonds, dates for decorations, etc.

  • 3 tablespoons honey

  • 4 tablespoons melted butter

  • of spices - just badian star - he is the most it!

And then everything just awful. Cooking time took 45 minutes, of which only half an hour soaked rice.
Figure cook according to instructions on package. It should be soaked for half an hour. While the soaked rice, almonds, pour boiling water, raisins, pour over boiling water. Once the water podostynet with almonds peeled to remove the peel. Honey diluted 1:1 with hot water.

Drain water from rice. Pour the new water, add salt, but not much, bring to a boil. Simmer 15 minutes. Excess water drained off.
Meanwhile, fry the mixture of dried fruits in ghee for 2 - 3 minutes, add crushed to powder the star badian, pour diluted honey. Bring to a boil, turn off.

Rice to lay down a hill, make a site for fruit. Top with fruit with syrup. Garnish with carambola stars and dates.

Here it carambola. The taste was sour. By sweet pilaf, in principle, in harmony instead of lettuce. But then I tried it a couple of minutes more caramelized syrup in stock.

Ask - but where are the carrots and onions - this is not risotto. And in Africa they do not grow))

And nteresno in Africa At least you heard or read about pilaf))

Kavatok palov

  • May. 31st, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Pilaf with dolma.
Preparing the recipe:
Risotto with stuffed vine leaves (kavatok palov)
My version of the recipe here www.chef.com.ua / articles / meat / plov-s-dol moj-3255.html

Another foty,
excerpts from the poem "String rubayyata" Alexander Feinberg
Between the bricks, laid as it should,
crackling fire in the wood.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
They smell of spices from the table,
kurdjuchnyj fat sizzles on the bottom of the boiler,

and just stick, proudly holds his kapkir
oshpoz, impassive as a rock.))
a necklace of dolma))
Forgive me, sluggish East.
You, as a sadistic and cruel smiles.
How long will smell wonderful
teasing is fine breeze?

And on the painted kicking
pops up the hill golden pilaf.

Prev brilliance of this fabulous mountain
blanch the presidential table.

Garlic on it goes, like a crown,
and glow in the depths of fat Mosley.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Oh, miracle rice, meat and bones!
You deserve the Dresden Museum.

I tell you, as domulla -
diet on earth - the spawn of evil.
Kohl want to know the bliss on earth,
taste the fat from the lamb bone.

However, the mound was a mountain
and therefore, it is time to shish kebab.
What are you afraid of a European?
They should not have dinner last night ...
He wrote with knowledge!

Ukrainian-Uzbek flashmob

  • Jan. 17th, 2011 at 12:48 AM

Vobschem I new here, yet the current "learn," so to speak. Really have not figured out what sho ...... but pictures show can be learned )))............ ........ Looked to each of the participants in the flash-mob. All so beautiful .... all that began to develop an inferiority complex))) but still show what happened to me.
I was fascinated by pilaf relatively recently, some six months. It is this passion has brought me to this "NEplovovara" as [Info] black_rifat , and more specifically - for his post with pilaf at 700.
Therefore pleased to support adventure, throw black_rifat and Nataliya . At the same time became acquainted with the technology of production of the Kiev cake. Industrial I never liked him, but a home win by much. I think I now have to hone skills and often in konditerstve)))
However, here's what I came up.
This pilaf with quince (behili palov)
I barely found a quince last tormented ...))) She was covered in dark spots, not knowing what to do, I cleaned the skin. They say do not add bylo.Poprobovala in zirvak barberry.
The taste of risotto - I have not heard of any flavor of quince, or barberry ........ to be honest ......
..... And yet I do not understand how to add text below in the description of the recipe ???????

"Kiev cake" http://buxgalter-sofia.livejournal.com/4 1532.html
The problem of choosing a cake shape, I drove to a minimum, making one large cake on a baking sheet and cut it in half in the middle. And thereby reduce the baking time by 2 times! Therefore, a rectangular cake.


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