[Mcm2Ada] The largest number of fingers at the person - 34 (3 photos)

In one year Akshata Saxena and 7 fingers and 10 feet. A child from India, despite his young age, has suffered a series of complicated operations to amputate the fingers excess, most of which did not function. Oddly enough, but among the countless little finger and middle fingers in great Akshata completely absent. To remedy this situation, the doctors decided to reconstruct them based on the already amputated.

This is known science called polydactyly - an inherited anatomical deviation, which is characterized more than ordinary people, the number of fingers and toes. Most often, the extra toes occur near the little finger or thumb and forefinger.

Before Akshata Saxena, a record for 6 years, held a Chinese boy, who had 15 fingers and 16 feet.
A child whose parents wanted to keep the name secret, as well as Akshat, suffered a lot of complex operations to remove fingerprints and restore hands. The last operation took place last March in a hospital of Shenyang. Today, he leads the life of an ordinary child who has 10 fingers and toes.

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