[Mcm2Ada] How to survive 2 days with the same date or a trip to Samoa (77 photos)

Fly from Fiji to Samoa only about a half hour, but during the flight passes over (180 nm) and the meridian of very interesting things happen. For example, I flew to Fiji on Tuesday night at 20:00, the time difference between Samoa and Fiji 1 hour, ie I had to fly to Samoa in 21.00, and that happened only date was replaced by 1 day ago. In Samoa one hour ahead of time, but one day less to date. I arrived on Monday at 21.00, so after being in his life two days of absolutely the same calendar date - one in Fiji, the second in Samoa.

Fiji time ahead of Moscow time 9:00, and the Samoan behind Moscow in 14 hours. The interesting thing is that if a person moves from Moscow to live forever Samoa, it will prolong your life calendar for 1 day. While in November 2011 replaced by the date of Samoa want to change, it is primarily due to the fact that there are big disadvantages to working with Australian and New Zealand tourists, although they will do it to me and remained clear.

Arriving on the island of Upolu, I stopped in the town of Apia - Samoa's capital, the hotel «Aggie Gray's". Aggie Grey was a very famous woman in Samoa, it is my grandmother today's hotel manager. I started my first day in Samoa with a walk through the streets of the Samoan capital.

Formerly called the Samoa Western Samoa. State consists of a series of islands, about the exact number of which I even local residents were given different information, their felts 10 felts 12, but inhabited only 4: Upolu, Savaii, Apolima, Manono.

Central Bank of the State of Samoa

A security guard saw a man with a camera and asked where I heard in response to «Russia", at first thought may remember where this country is, and then started happily pose

From Apia to Berlin 19 921 km.

Buses in Samoa - it's old Toyota and Nissan, but they are all painted in different unique image

The climate is hot and taxi drivers at the time when they do not work, I stop at the grassy lawn to relax in the shade

In Apia, everything seems very close, on foot, you can go through all the main attractions of the city. This is the courthouse.

And this is the parliament building of the State of Samoa

An interesting local market. Here, everything is sold and cheap. From fruit and vegetables to local crafts and souvenirs.

Samoan advertising posters explain that cooking gas is easier to

On the island there are no Russian speakers living permanently. I met only one guy in the past from Riga, but for a long time from the USA, which operates here as a veterinarian in the organization «Animal Protection Society", with no salary, only room and board. There are a lot of dogs and organization involved in the sterilization and reduced fertility. And sounds good - «Protection Society". Due to the large number of dogs, even the litter bins in Samoa do on special supports

After strolling through the city Apia, I went to probably the most famous place on the island, where he lived the most famous man in Samoa. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The writer sailed here from Hawaii and lived there for the last 4 years of his life. He died at 44, and leaving no children.

His villa - museum called Villa Vailima (very easy to confuse with the Finnish countryside Vaalimaa - Finnish border point). Also called Vailima and local beers.

Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis, only a healing climate of the island reduced the suffering of a sick person. His throat bleeding stopped only in Samoa, and the doctors even put his diagnosis of "South Pacific, or death." He made the decision to buy this 120 hectares of tropical forest on the hillside Vaea 5 kilometers from Apia, where he built himself this villa. The museum has preserved and partially restored and the interior of the premises where he lived

Fans of his work are presented to the museum books published in different countries. There are also publications in Russian.

Kept house and made him a writer's museum Rex Maughan - founder of American cosmetics company «Forever Living Products". Therefore, the company's cosmetics are sold directly to the villa - museum.

Stevenson was buried here on the mountain and now his grave has become a part of the state of Samoa. The mountain is a 15 minute walk through the woods from the villa. The Government of Samoa is honors the memory of the writer and on the approaches to the mountain, even banned the hunting of birds. I unfortunately at this mountain was not up. On the island of Upolu is the main road near the water on the shape of the island, and there are three roads that cross the island from north to south, one of them, I went to look at the uncharted bold - local waterfall Papapapai-uta Waterfalls. Camoa country is very religious. Here live the Catholics, Mormons, Baha'is, and other religions. The road to the waterfall passes through several churches. Catholic Church Shrine of the three hearts

An interesting thread on another living tree, next to the temple

Follows a temple on the road was Bahai Temple. This is a relatively young religion, the most important among them - the Universal House of Justice in the Israeli city of Haifa.

There were right-hand traffic, as we have in Russia, but the government has decided to change it, because buy cars in Australia and New Zealand are considerably cheaper than in Europe, and they right-handed. On this photo you can see that left-handed vehicles involved in traffic systems.

And finally, the goal of my first visit to Samoa - waterfall Papapapai-uta Falls in the center of the island. The waterfall is relatively high, but not affluent. I would not recommend this place to be sure to check in Samoa

Observation Deck

The next morning I went on a trip around the island of Upolu. Waking up, I pay for internet access in the hotel, but was surprised to find that lost money in the purse. And not the entire amount, but only part. You can not tempt people in poor countries, I always try to leave the wallet in a safe and forgotten here and put it on the table beside him. This negligence was a cause of what happened. Turning to the hostess hotel, the most that I was able to negotiate, not pay bills online. Go to the police I did not, because the practice is completely pointless and nothing to do they will not. The first stop on the road around a Piula Cave Pool. The cave and a swimming pool with fresh water only a meter away from the border the Pacific Ocean.

Nothing is ordinary, except that this small pool swarming with all the different fish

Samoan adolescents routinely walk the streets with machetes

On the island of Upolu, and indeed, in Samoa, many churches of different religious denominations

September 9, 2009 Samoa suffered a natural disaster - a huge tsunami. This machine not clean people to remember about those tragic events that befell them in the recent past

The main Samoan island of Upolu quite small, having left this morning from the capital Apia, is located on the northern coast, moving at low speed and stops, by the afternoon I went swimming in one of the most beautiful beaches in Samoa - Taufua Beach.

There is something like a hotel - hostel. People live here in just such small houses on stilts

And this is the cheapest option of accommodation - "bungalow" - even without the walls, when people are occupied they just close all the open space with a cloth and live.

Go into the general dining room - a bar, a block of toilets and showers for men and women. In short this is not an option for the Russian mass tourism. While there I met a lot of young people from Europe, besides a large number of Australians and New Zealanders who can fly here, at least for the weekend. Room behind a pillar as it is precisely the soul - the toilet block.

In the evening the Samoans like to arrange Fire - a show with singing and dancing, almost the same as in Fiji

On the next day I wanted to go to the second largest island state of Samoa - Savaii, but the ocean was not calm, and there was the likelihood that evening ferry can cancel, and then I would miss my flight back. The alternative was visiting the island of Manono. There is a legend about the island where Manon 99 rocks. It is believed that this is the number of female chief, he wanted to get married for the umpteenth time, but he died. Island area of ​​3 square kilometers, which mostly live and fishermen do not have a single machine. Everywhere around the island freely walk Samoan children, their parents let go entirely unattended. This girl named Milena, as well as my daughter

Samoan primary school, secondary school on the island do not. When children grow up they are usually sent to live with some relatives on the island of Upolu, where they go to secondary school.

Our escort - brave Samoans Chris - like the most at the school - a young Samoan teacher

As in many other Polynesian islands, the Samoans have two types of tattoos for different genders. Tattoos for men called Tata and consist of complex geometric figures, placed on the knees to the ribs. A man with a tattoo called sogaimiti and gays, the Samoans called fafafini. Cable on the island of Manono which are waste water is not heavily covered with earth

This is also a Samoan hostel, but at Manono, people come to remove these houses and relax. Interestingly ostnavlivalsya here at least one of the Russian

In any case, in the coastal waters of the USS

Samoans as well as the Fijians, welcome guests welcoming kava. Here you can read about the Samoan Kaveh.

It is interesting that the Samoans called coconut milk. To get this product you first need to cut the brown (not green) nut with a machete and a drink, or pour all the juice out of it, I had previously thought that this is the coconut milk.

Next, using the same machete to scrape the edges of the coconut flesh into a bowl full

Get something like a tow

Izvalyat this tow in the pelvis with the pulp and then squeeze out much of what - a capacity

It turns out very tasty, like a sweet milk

Fishermen on the Manono

Returning from Manono on the main island of Upolu, I went to see another local landmark - the turtles feeding near the capital, Apia. In this pond, right near the beach is full of full of turtles

And this is a Samoan airport. Farewell Samoa, Fiji in Hong Kong Hello

About Hong Kong to write nothing, there was t.k.ya just one evening. This view, which opens at the Victoria Harbour from the hotel «Hyatt"

In the evening a walk to Victoria Harbour pofotkat evening, hoping to make beautiful pictures, and as a tripod for this trip, I prudently left the house the result is very sad

And finally a few facts about the country. Formerly called the State of Western Samoa, but for now just Samoa. In 1962, Samoa gained independence from Britain. This is the first country in the Pacific, which received nezavisimost.Samoa was 54th on the list of countries that I visited, and was also the first country where no lives are constantly no Russian-speaking person, although I'm not sure that this information is accurate at 100%.


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