[kl-bogel] Traditions of Czech Cooking (26 photos)

It seems that Czech cuisine has its roots in the period of the Hussite wars, when the Roman Empire began a campaign against heretics. Back in those ancient times, powerful men in iron armor, swords forged namahavshis and heavy shields naprikryvavshis required to fill spent force nutritious food.

I can not understand how the Romans shaped meat cuisine, as they still cost the arugula, tomatoes and paste, badly imagine, as Roman centurions, kogortovodtsy and pamper yourself legionopraviteli after the battle of cup of ristretto. But at the same time, I do not have zazhmurivat eyes to imagine how gussity, knocking in a corner tavern, metal armor and weapons, tearing flesh dirty hands of cooked venison, profusely laughing, cut with a pig on a spit of meat juicy Shmatov, pamper yourself and sausages sausages, washed down with all this beer.

Czech cuisine is rich and varied. In my opinion the most iconic dish is veprevo knee - meaty pork leg stump.

In the Czech tradition of delicious and rich soups. Watering - potato soup in a bread loaf

Indescribably savory, slightly spicy and incredibly salivary goulash soup, borrowed from the Austro-Hungarians

A variety of soups, bramborachki and soup with mushrooms

Popular game. Quails

Roe with cranberry sauce


A variety of side dishes of vegetables

Potato Croquettes - melt in contact with the language

Dumpling dough

A special place is occupied by fast food. Abundantly delicious. Totally nutritious and infinitely high-calorie and sverhmerno.

Dessert - a separate issue. This is spinning on skewers over the coals strips of sweet muffins with cinnamon and sugar. Called it a tasty dish trudnovygovarivaemym word "trdlo."

All this wealth of taste must be something to drink. Czech brewing tradition quite ancient. Everybody knows the names of pubs with world-famous: Pilzner, Staropramen, Kozel, Krusovice. When I saw the last name avtonavigatorov, could not resist and took a picture. Here we approach a small village which is well known outside the Czech Republic.

Along the road is growing raw materials for my beloved beverage.

This fragrant hops

The plant itself

Warehouse packaging

Beer shop at factory


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