[kl-bogel] Month in Space: August 2011

We suggest you look at the best photos taken by satellites of the European Space Agency and NASA in August.

Month in Space: July 2011

(19 photos)

1. Farewell to the last shuttle. Working disconnected one of the three main engines of the shuttle "Atlantis" August 18, 2011 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. "Atlantis" - the last of NASA's space shuttles. Motors plan to keep it for study or for further use.

2. The space shuttle «Discovery», right, and the shuttle «Endeavour» on the site Kennedy Space Center in Florida, August 11, 2011.

3. In classical Greek mythology, Crete was the birthplace of King Minos, and in addition, here lived a terrible Minotaur, a monster with a human body and bull's head. To date, Crete is the largest island of Greece with the highest population density. Its length from east to west is 161 miles. This photo was taken in Crete on board the International Space Station on August 12 and released on August 15.

4. The two brightest galaxies together resemble a giant exclamation point. Photo taken Observatory NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory on August 11. The collection of galaxies known as VV 340.

5. Blast-off «Atlas 5" from the spaceport of Cape Canaveral, Florida. By 2010, the spacecraft will orbit Jupiter. The total cost of the mission is $ 1.1 billion.

6. Man with binoculars in the park El Torcal, located in the southern Spanish city of Antekvera, watching the sky during a meteor shower on August 13. Meteor showers take place every August, when the Earth passes through the remnants of the comet "tail" of the comet Swift-Tuttle.

7. NASA astronaut Ron Garan has made this unique picture of the meteorite during the Perseid meteor shower August 13 from the International Space Station.

8. The trial version of the spacecraft NASA "Orion" falls into a pool of water in the Langley Research Center in Virginia, August 2. Vehicle "Orion" is designed to study deep space, and the test was conducted to determine the probability of landing a spacecraft safely on the water.

9. Photo from the archives of the police department Nacogdoches, captured one of the tanks of the infamous space shuttle "Columbia" on Lake Nacogdoches, Texas, on August 1. Tank fell to the ground when the "Columbia" exploded in 2003, but see it become possible only after the lake became shallow Nacogdoches because of severe drought.

10. The crater on the slope of a Martian volcano, Pavonis Mons - a hole 115 feet wide, leading into the cave. Photo taken August 17, 2011. Scientists estimate that the depth of the cave can reach 65 feet.

11. New moon, photographed from the International Space Station astronaut Ron Guarani.

12. Nebula Fine Ring. Photo taken August 1 European Southern Observatory.

13. Hurricane "Irene" on the eastern coast of the United States, August 27. Photo taken by orbiting meteorological satellite GOES-13.

14. Galaxy NGC 3521. Photo released on August 10. The giant spiral galaxy in the constellation of Leo at a distance of about 35 million light-years. The photo was taken with the ESO European Southern Observatory in Chile.

15. NASA satellite EO-1 has made this photograph erupting volcano in the Chilean Andes Puyeue July 31. The eruption of the volcano, which started June 4 for the first time in nearly fifty years, has led to a flight delay caused by clouds of smoke and ash into the air.

16. NASA astronaut Mike Fossum and Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa prepared to work "Robonavta-2", the first space humanoid robot, August 22, lab «Destiny» International Space Station. The robot will be a lot of tests, which will last several months.

17. NASA Spacecraft «Dawn» took this photograph the asteroid Vesta, August 11. The spacecraft devoted to the study of asteroid year, and then proceed to the dwarf planet Ceres survey.

18. The spiral galaxy NGC 2146, photo taken 22 August, the Hubble Space Telescope.

19. Canadian photographer Michael Eriksson took a picture of the northern lights over the island at night Tibbitt August 6, 2011.

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