[kl-bogel] City Day in Moscow

LJ user omon-moscow wrote: Today in Moscow, celebrations are held. And as usual, I picked up a camera and if possible I will keep reporting. Although we will mainly be held in reserve. But I hope to lay out a few photos.

(26 photos)

1. Moscow time 5 hours 45 minutes. Base Special Forces Center, Moscow police.



4. Prepared to travel to work.

5. Escort vehicles pulled up the traffic police.

6. Prepared to travel to the city.

7. Our path lies on the Revolution Square.


9. Besides us, there are already early in the morning a lot of different services.

10. Our dog handlers osmoreli territory.

11. Nothing suspicious was found.

12. Now to the Manege Square attracts students quietly. They have planned some kind of procession. Said nearly 40 thousand people. But while not many people there podoshlo.Osnovnaya lot of people gather near the beginning of the afternoon. In 14 hours the entire Theatre Square and Theatre Way was an orgy of people.


14. At the theater travel pass some sort of "Merry starts."


16. People take pictures with different characters, lovely.

17. The girls are preparing something on the street.

18. A young man learns to juggle Muscovites products. Muscovites rejoice.

19. A close pass sorrevnovaniya National Yakut struggle.

20. As I understand it, the rules need to drag an opponent to his side in the "sitting".

21. Luxury shops in the hotel "Metropol" closed.

22. But at every turn sold very necessary and polezdnye festive accessories.

23. Our cars are popular with children. They love to take pictures on their background.

24. To get to the festivities, we must take control of the security zone.

25. Pass through a framework metalodetektorov. Inspect carefully, so small in front of the queue.

26. Well, as usual, working reference desk.


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