Sunday, September 11, 2011

[kl-bogel] Buku eBay dah sampai! : Buku Ancient Inventions by Nick Thorpe

Salam semua. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya sampai juga buku eBay yang saya nanti-nantikan... mempersembahkan buku.....jeng jeng jeng

Buku Ancient Inventions by Nick Thorpe and Peter James

Synopsis: Many inventions which seem relatively recent in fact date back thousands of years. This encyclopaedia focuses on the applied science of the Ancient World. Those ancient inventions with a modern sound include: plastic surgery performed in India in the 1st century BC and Aztec chewing gum.

Key Features
Author(s): Nick Thorpe, Peter James
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
Date of Publication: 11/11/1994
Language(s): English
Format: Hardback
ISBN-10: 1854797778
ISBN-13: 9781854797773
Genre: Ancient History
Series Title: Wonders of the past!

Ayat pertama sinopsis buku ni je dah membuatkan aku nak baca buku ni...cewah...

You leave your seventh-floor apartment, curse the congested traffic that delays you, and stop at a fast-food restaurant on your way to have cataract surgery. Where do you live? Actually you live in Rome in A.D. 25.
Ni pulak review dari seorang pembaca :

There is an assumption with some that earlier humans were rustic simpletons. This book dispels that notion. It describes everything from the mundane (wine, cosmetics), to the grandiose (an early Suez Canal), to the dangerous (trepanning, i.e. drilling holes in one's head as an early form of surgery), to the practical (mills, weapons, paper). One of the strangest discoveries is of a cave that is made to resemble hell.
In addition to the expected inventions from Egypt, Greece, and Rome inventions from all over the world are represented including ones from South America, China, and ancient Scythia the area where modern Ukraine is found. Inventions from that area include the earliest form of shelter (mammoth bone huts), domestication of horses, the earliest melodic musical instruments (flutes), maps, trousers, jewelry, ovens, houses, soap, and saunas (in which hashish was thrown on hot stones).

Harga asal buku ni ialah £25 (£1 bersamaan RM5, £25 X RM 5 = RM125!!) tapi alhamdulillah, saya jumpa satu syarikat yang menjual buku2 murah di eBay UK yang hanya menjual buku ni dengan harga £6 (RM30) termasuk kos pos ke Malaysia. Pernah beli barang guna eBay? Try dulu.. dengan hanya kad debit MayBank, akaun PayPal dan alamat rumah, anda boleh membeli buku dari London!

Apa isi buku ini yang best?
Robot zaman purba, bateri daripada batu, lukisan zaman batu namun setaraf lukisan zaman Renaissance, mesin slot duit syiling zaman purba, sliding door versi Rome, shopping complex versi Yunani, dan paling best, cermin mata kesultanan melayu melaka....Sultan melaka pun ada simpan cermin mata...(refer page 294)

Nanti saya sambung lagi cerita, busy sikit
Salam, Syed Azharul

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