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If you watched the film Avatar, then you certainly have impressed the forest Pandora. But to see the most fantastic trees, you do not need to go to intergalactic travel. The trees are part of our life, providing us with oxygen, food, housing, heating and building materials. There are about 100 000 different species of trees, including a quarter of all species of living plants on earth. Among the billions of trees all over the world is absolutely amazing unique representatives.

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1. The giant sequoia "General Sherman"
The giant sequoias that grow in the Sierra Nevada in California are the largest trees in terms of volume. The largest tree is "General Sherman" in Sequoia National Park, whose height reaches 83 m, a volume of about 1.486 cubic meters. m and weighs 6000 tons. It is assumed that a tree somewhere between 2300 and 2700, and every year the tree is gathering as much wood as found in conventional 18-meter tree. It is this natural masterpiece and the greatest living organism on Earth.

2. Topol osinoobrazny: Pando
Pando and Trembling Giant, located in Utah, USA, is a remarkable colony of wasps massive trees on 100 acres raspolzshegosya Utah. Almost all the trees of this colony are genetically identical, meaning they are clones of each other. Each tree in this area stems from a single organism, as part of a huge underground root system.

Pando is made up of 47 000 barrels, and its collective weight of 6,600 tonnes, making it the heaviest organism in the world. Despite the fact that the average age of individual stems is about 130 years, throughout the body for about 80,000 years.

3. Mexican Taksodium: Wood Tula
Wood Tula - a particularly large tree species Taksodium Mexico, which is located near the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. This tree trunk girth of the largest (58 m) and diameter of the barrel, which is 11.5 m. It is said that Wood Tula so thick that you do not embrace it, and it embraces you.

It is believed that the tree is 2,000 years old. For a while detractors argued that in fact there are masked by three trees, but a careful analysis of the DNA confirmed that the very fact this is one beautiful tree.

In 1994 the tree was under threat: the leaves become yellow and sickly everywhere were dead branches. The tree died. When it was called "healers" of trees, it turned out that the problem is, because of which the affected tree Thule - this is a common desire and need to treat its water. Naturally, after intensive water treatment tree came to life.

4. Tree of Life
Tree of Life in Bahrain is the most solitary tree in the world. Mesquite located on the highest point of the barren desert of Bahrain, hundreds of kilometers from other natural trees. It is believed that its roots extend for several tens of meters to aquifers. The exact age of the tree is unknown, but suspected that he had more than 400 years.

However, the mystery of the Tree of Life consists not in its size, age or shape, although it is quite large and very beautiful. The most amazing thing - this is what it stands alone in the barren desert on the highest point of Bahrain, on the territory in which there is absolutely no water. In a place where it seemed nothing could survive, the tree seems to radiate life itself. People come here in droves, as local residents believe that the tree stands on the site of the Paradise Garden.

5. Vollemiya
Despite its uniqueness and beauty, interesting quality Vollemii lurk not in appearance but in its history.

Vollemiya growing in Australia, is a real live dinosaur. The oldest fossil wood Vollemiya dated 200 million years ago. When in 1994, scientists suddenly discovered a live tree Vollemiya, they were stunned.

The exact location of these conifers was carefully concealed, in order to protect those remaining trees, which naturally have less than 100. To save the trees from extinction in 2006, began a program that allows the public to buy seedlings Vollemii and now they can be seen in various botanical gardens.

6. Cashew tree Piranzhi
This famous tree, located near the city of Natal in Brazil, is a 177 year old tree nuts, which covers nearly 2 acres of land. It was planted in 1888, a fisherman, who did not know that the tree had a genetic mutation that allowed him to take as much space. In contrast to the usual tree nuts, when a tree branch Piranzhi the ground, it takes root and continues to grow.

Today, this tree serves as a tourist attraction. If you approach this very large tree cashew in the world, you find that you walk in the woods. In fact, it's all one tree, whose size reaches 8400 square meters. m. The tree is 80 times greater than the average cashew trees and covers an area larger than a football field, bringing in a year about 80,000 fetuses.

7. Tenere Tree
Tenere tree is mentioned in this list because it no longer exists. Lone acacia growing in the Sahara Desert in Niger in Africa, which was more than 300 years, was the only tree within a radius of 400 km. It was the only tree that remains of the vast forests, which absorb a merciless desert. When scientists dug a hole near the tree, they found that its roots go down to a depth of 36 m below the groundwater level.

In 1973 the Tenere tree knocked down a drunken truck driver, and today this place was built a metal statue in honor of the Lone Tree Tenere.

8. Banyan: Tree Mahabodhi
Banyan tree is named after the banyan tree or Hindu traders who sell their wares, sitting under this tree. Even if you've never heard of a banyan tree, you probably know him. Form of this giant tree will not be confused with anything: the majestic dome with aerial roots that descend from the branches to the ground.

One of the most famous of banyan tree called a ficus tree or the sacred Bo tree is the Mahabodhi in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. They say that the tree was grown from cuttings of this tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment in the 6th century BC

Being planted in 288 BC, it is the oldest tree in the world, planted by man with the exact date of planting.

9. Baobab
Homeland Madagascar baobab is considered, it also occurs in Africa and Australia. Baobab tree are the most ancient forms of life on the continent of Africa and many of those that stand to this day, growing ever since Roman times.

Amazing baobab or "monkey bread tree," can grow to 30 m in height and 11 meters wide. Most of the year they are without leaves. A characteristic feature is their pot-bellied baobab trunk, which serves as a repository of water. Baobab tree can hold up to 120 000 liters of water to survive severe drought conditions. Some trunks are so large that within the tree people live.

One of the most beautiful clusters of baobab species Adansoniya Grandide is baobab Avenue in Morondava, Madagascar. Some baobabs take the form of bottles, skulls and even a teapot.

10. Wood Dragon
Wood Dragon in Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, is a unique representative. It is believed that he had between 650 and 1500 years, but experts find it difficult to accurate conclusions, since it does not have a single trunk. Rather, it consists of many small trunks, which keep each other on as the grow up.

It has a dense canopy of leaves and takes its name from the resin, which is released when it cut the bark and leaves. Residents believe that it is dried dragon's blood, and from ancient times used it to treat various ailments.

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