[Mcm2Ada] Pusat pemulihan dadah di kuil buddha Wat Thamkrabok (9 photos)

In the north of Bangkok in Thailand is a small Buddhist monastery Wat Thamkrabok. It has more than 5 years are free of charge and rehabilitation of drug alkozavisimye. In the monastery are treated not only the natives of this country, but also foreigners. Over the whole period of the rehabilitation center were treated more than 100 thousand people.

1. Addicts detoxify the body herbal tea and pills.

2. For many years, Thailand was the "mother house" for narkoturistov. Now the situation has changed dramatically: the carriage of drugs is punishable by death or life imprisonment.

3. For full detoxification, all patients adhere to a strict diet.

4. In addition, there are mandatory in the monastery of all drug users work every day for 14-16 hours.

5. Patients also have the opportunity to remain permanently in the monastery to protect themselves from worldly temptations. Thus, they are deprived of the opportunity once again to return to addiction. According to Thai monks, 80% of people receiving health-improving course, returning to its past.

6. In the treatment program includes a visit to the sauna. Sweating cleanses the body of poisons and toxins.

7. Rehab help completely free from dependence on the physical level, but most importantly in this treatment - is to become free from addictions psychologically.

8. At the outset of treatment, each patient makes a sacred oath to the Buddha, he once and for all to part with addictions.


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