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As part of the educational program, "I know the world, not taking his ass from his chair," I want to introduce you to this thing here. No, it's not wild yuh, this clam digging or Guidak (Latin Panopea abrupta)

Geodak (geoduck), also known as Panopea abrupta or Panope generosa - a large clam species, also known as the king clam or shellfish "elephant's trunk." This is the biggest clam in the world. In length it reaches 15 to 20 cm and weighs in at the same time from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. Rumor has it that there are some that reach and 7kg. His life may be envied even the oldest inhabitant of the planet. After all, it is as much as 146 years, and found the oldest specimens attributed to 160 years! Probably because he was terribly quirky and well able to hide. Well, plus a healthy food - he eats only plankton.

And he breathes like this

It consists of two parts - a small fragile shell (20 cm) and one "leg", which is a very long fused siphons, which is 4-5 times larger than the shell.

Name geoduck ("gweduck") borrowed from the Indians niskualey. It translates as "digging deep". These clams are dug to a depth of 1 meter, and sit there for almost his entire life. Get them easy. This is a fairly time-consuming and dirty work, so this clam is a lot of money - U.S. $ 200-300.

Guidak usual in the U.S. west coast. The only predators that can inflict damage to mollusc, are small sharks and sea otters that can extract it from the ground, and sea stars that are being attacked on the ground surface trap. And, well, man, of course.

Multiply these clams also slightly unusual way. They have external fertilization. Females emit into the water the eggs and the males - fertilizing liquid. Since the female emits a century to 5,000,000,000 eggs.

Clam Meat pretty tough. Sometimes it is cooked in the U.S., but the main consumers of guidaka - Japanese and Chinese. In Japan guidaka called 'Murugan' and eaten raw (as sashimi)

About the game who guidak more science is not known.

Here's how it looks on the plate

That's grown on an industrial scale

But so are preparing ...

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