[Mcm2Ada] Death of an American stuntman at airshow


Last Sunday, at an air show in Michigan in front of large crowd was tragically killed a stuntman Todd Green. It crashed during the transition from the biplane flying the helicopter. At some point, stuntman slipped and fell with the 60-meter height. Despite the assistance of physicians, Todd Greene died.

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avia03 800x575 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

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avia01 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

1. The tragedy occurred in front of 75-thousand spectators at an air show, held in the vicinity of Detroit, Michigan.

avia02 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

2. Stuntman Todd Green tried while on the wing of a flying aircraft at high speed, jumping to flying in sync and just below the helicopter.

avia03 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

3. According to the organizers of the airshow, Todd prevented successfully perform a trick to sharply increased wind. Witnesses said that at first perceived drop a stunt, as part of the show.

avia04 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

4. The show was also attended by seven-and eleven-year-son of the deceased.

avia05 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

5. Stuntman fell from an airplane wing with a height of 60 meters during the execution of tricks and died from his injuries.

avia06 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

6. For 15 minutes at the scene for the life of a stuntman struggling medical team, but to save Todd Green failed. It should be noted that after the death of a stunt airshow continued.

avia07 Смерть американского каскадера на авиашоу

7. 48-year-old Todd Greene was engaged in aerial stunts for 25 years. According to his colleagues, he was almost the only one who managed to jump from an airplane into a helicopter in the air.

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