[Mcm2Ada] The most expensive coffee in the world (10 photos)

The most expensive coffee in the world - coffee varieties «Kopi Luwak». Homeland of this rare and extraordinarily delicious coffee is Indonesia. Its plantations are located on three islands - Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. "Kopi" is translated from the Indonesian means "coffee" and "Luwak" is a small arboreal mammal, to which the world is indebted for the most expensive kind of coffee.

1) Plantation's most expensive coffee in East Java are just a few kilometers from the Indonesian town of Surabaya. This variety is a palm civet with. This is a small palm creature that looks like a squirrel. This kind of coffee is also called «Kopi Luwak» and made a very unusual way. Civet as eating berries give the coffee tree, which in turn pass through the animal and go along with the contents of the intestine undigested.

2) The Eggman plantation harvest of coffee trees in the eastern part of Java Island. The berries of the tree are collected traditionally. Then the fruits are fed civet. After leaving the fruit with their ekskrimentami people selected, cleaned, dried, and after a little fried.

3) Farmers coffee berries are sorted and selected only suitable for the production. Coffee obtained in this way is famous all over the world a delicate aroma, and enzymes that are found only in the stomach civet, make a special smooth taste. Pound of this coffee can be purchased at the price of one hundred to six hundred dollars per pound.

4) Supplies of coffee in this class is very, very limited: in the year it produces about a thousand pounds, and almost all are taken to market. In a small cafe «Heritage Tea Rooms» which is situated near the Australian town of Townsville, a cup of coffee in this class can be purchased for fifty dollars, Australia is about thirty-three dollars U.S..

5) The fruit of coffee trees poured in trays and then eaten civet them.

6) Farmers harvested beans ready and then waiting for them the final washing, drying and roasting easy. When drying is not going to reduce the size of the product.

7) Employees already collected washed coffee beans.

Indonesia East Java, Bondovozo town, near Surabaya, civet droppings are treated to coffee production «Kopi Luwak».

9) The worker sifts through the plantation and level of grain drying, on the coffee beans roasting ozhtdaet easy.


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