[Mcm2Ada] Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (13 photos)

Who would have thought that Mongolia, once a terrifying the half of the world today is one of the poorest countries of Eurasia? This release includes photographs of ordinary life Mongolian family. Do you still complain about their living conditions? Then put yourself in the place of these people abandoned to their fate.

1. Local resident Erdene Tui pulls a frozen carcass of a sheep.

2. Hostess watered weary animal. Her family was forced to take in his tent a dozen sheep to herd is not frozen in the cold March night.

3. Lonely abandoned tent. The shepherds fled his home after a heavy snowstorm.

4. Batgargal Tsamba, husband Erdene Thuy, dragging the carcass of a dead sheep home.

5. Morning in a cold tent. Erdene, her 3-year-old boy and a little lamb Tuvchinzh wake up after a frosty night. Senior members of the family, husband and son Bartgargal Azzhargal, check out the herd.

6. Panorama of the capital Ulan Bator. In the foreground - Sleep Mongol. Alcoholism is a serious problem for residents of the capital. Over the past few years its population has increased by 2 times. The conditions of life in Ulan Bator are terrible, many citizens move into the slums, so-called "Yurt counties." In the city of high levels of poverty and unemployment, people have no regular access to electricity and water supply.

7. For two cold nights Tsamba family lost 20 sheep in his flock.

8. Family shepherd sleeps in a closet under the stairs. The family was forced to move to the capital after a severe frost destroyed the flock of 150 sheep.

9. Many residents of Ulan Bator are working on landfills: they live at the expense of putting a scrap collection points.

10. The daughter of a shepherd, who was pregnant at his Dune Erdene komorke in Ulan Bator.

11. Shepherd Batgargal Tsamba watching their flock.

12. View of the slums "Yurt District." A resident of his way to the city center.


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