[Mcm2Ada] Brick factory in Afghanistan (33 photos)

In the desert near the Bagram are dozens of small little factory for the production of bricks. Brick making in Afghanistan as well as hundreds of years ago. First the clay is molded wedges and then baked in a month in a huge oven. This brick turns incredibly durable. Today I invite you to tour the brick factory.

01. Factory, I saw from the road and asked the driver to drive up close.

02. All production is fully manual. To help people, only horses and donkeys.

03. Small tubes made from old barrels, large fold out of bricks.

04. Huge working oven!


06. Ah yes, the only thing here is automated - it's water tower. From the well water collected in a pool at the top of the hill. From there it goes to the grooves on the lower level, where the clay makes the workpiece. In the same water to wash and bathe workers.

07. And this is how water enters the field blank bricks.

08. In brick factories operate mainly children. Here you can meet kids from 4 years old. The work here is not simple - to heat the dust sorokogradusnoy carry bricks and water.

09. That clay brick making these. Logo on each stone factory.

10. After harvesting dry in the sun, bring them into the oven.

11. Spread in a special chamber, like this:



These boys for 8 years. For days they hauled bricks, coal and water. Surprisingly, adults prefer to perform less strenuous work. In the month a child can earn for the family $ 20-30. 5 children gave to the factory - get sotochku, which is pretty good.


15. Once the oven is loaded, go to sleep coal and clay roof top do.







22. Here's what a working stove.


24. Through special hatches working podkidyvayut coal.


26. Here we cook.



29. Fired brick for a month.

30. He becomes so strong that it just fill up a car from a distance - no stone breaks!

31. Everything!


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