[Mcm2Ada] Tempah keranda awal awal (11 photos)

Ga tribes that live in coastal areas of Ghana, literally mark the death of their loved ones by arranging the wires as all sorts of festivities. To underline the solemnity of the action taking place in the dead bury their incredibly shapes and sizes coffins.

The fact that Ga believe that the death should be new, and most importantly a happy and prosperous life. So they pass a funeral on a grand scale, often overshadowing his colorful weddings, etc. celebration. At the funeral, people crying for joy, laugh, dance ... well rejoice over the deceased, as they can.

To honor the memory of the deceased and dignified conduct in another life he is buried in an extravagant tomb. It is believed that the tomb should reflect all aspects of life and character of the reclining man in it. So inveterate motorist buried in a wooden car, seamstress in a sewing machine, a farmer in a bull, a fisherman in a fish smoker in cigarettes, etc., etc.

The production of these unusual coffins in Ghana - is a huge industry that brings in an annual budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not surprisingly, the narrow streets of Accra (the capital of Ghana), in the truest sense of the word are made to these graves. Depending on the imagination of the customer, the cost of the casket can be up to several tens of thousands of dollars.

"Before you start pounding the coffin I spend talking to relatives of the deceased to figure out what it was for the people. Ready coffin should reflect the whole essence of the deceased, otherwise his soul will never find a new container and it will remain forever disembodied spirit who will try to harm his family and friends "- says the master coffin cases Oktanfi Okvazi Akrifa.

The tradition of burying the dead in such extravagant coffins emerged only recently, just 25-30 years ago and immediately made a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of Ghana tourists gawk at the unusual creativity of local products and if you want to order yourself one of the vending copies of a reserve.

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