[Mcm2Ada] Tandoor of Ukraine under the sun

Do not want to brag without pleasure - as I was able to penetrate into the inner sanctum and peep the brothers Uzbeks bake their delicious cakes.

Recently gaining popularity Uzbek tandoor. Here in our town already has, and electrical and gas, as this one.

Uzbek bread is baked.

Tandoor, the focus on the peculiar charms. I can not pass indifferently by a single tandoor, just keep asking to take pictures of the requests
and prevent people from work))

Then these hot sun cakes include the bazaar.
The young master tandoor Farrukh. Barely broke their deal with us through our bureaucratic system.
It was he who took me by the way, the cauldron of Uzbekistan and tea service with the popular figure of "Cotton".
Well done! Enterprising.

While on vacation last year on Arbat arrow on the Azov Sea, went specially at 6 am in the tandoor Genichesk shoot!
That was the tandoor over charcoal!

Tajiks call her Tanura, Armenians - tinted windows, and this tone for the Georgians. But, appearing in countries where there are fans of Uzbek cuisine, most of all, this oven is known worldwide as Uzbek or tyndyr tandoor.
When a tandoor was intended not only for baking cakes, but also for heating in cold seasons. He was in every rural home or in a special building in the courtyard, reminiscent at times the ancient temples, and Zoroastrians considered the most holy place in the house.
Today Uzbek tandoor popular export product. Its specially ordered in Uzbekistan for many countries. Ukraine is no exception.

Tandoor vary widely in purpose: to bake bread alone, in others - samsa, third roast meat - tandoor kebab (or tandoor-gusht). Food cooked in a furnace - not steamed, not fried, and, not boiled, not baked. In no excess fat dishes, but retained all the natural juices.
Vymeshivayut dough a few times. Of dough make cakes and give him finally rasstoyatsya 30-40 minutes. After this is applied to the middle of the picture cakes and baked in tandoor.

Baker, before putting on a big right hand to the elbow mitten - engichu, carefully, without disturbing the shape kruglyashi, puts his hand, shoulder and even head into the fire-breathing hole to stick sprinkled with sesame seeds in rows in a hot wall kruglyashi tandoor. For this purpose he uses Rapid - round, flat cakes the size of a pillow sewn from severe material lined with cotton wool.

Then sprinkle with water future cakes. So they are baked - at the expense of steam and heat coming from the charcoal and heat emanating from the walls of the tandoor incandescent. In the hall of smoke and no smoke! Only a delicious flavor

After that, usually with a special bucket and long-handled hook, products are removed from the tandoor.

17-year-old Isroil (sorry if misspelled the name) on earnings in Genichesk combines business with pleasure, that is, bake cakes in the morning, then the whole day swimming in the sea.

Thanks to him - let snoop process.
Through this window I actually had to climb inside! It's a pity no one took!

From the tandoor grilled bread much benefit in the taste and aroma!

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