[Mcm2Ada] Beer mugs and glasses (18 photos)

In order for consumers to fully appreciate the taste of a favorite beverage in the beer market right now there are so many beer-ware. This is different in terms of cups, and glasses of different shapes, and glasses. Each beer is better reveals his taste in a particular glass.

What is not only made beer glassware - wood, glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal and even stone and leather. By volume it can be vessels of 0.5, 1 and 1.5 liters. In Eastern Europe, first wizard circles carved out of wood, in the Czech Republic - from ceramics in France - just introduced a glass in Germany - popular ceramics and metal. By the 18th century elegance of steel mug from porcelain. It is in these countries and settled down before the other tradition of drinking different beers from a particular dish.

For light beers are popular light beer glasses in the shape of a barrel, slightly narrowed kverhu.Takaya form allows you to save aroma of beer, much longer than the beer glasses.

The camp is mainly consumed beer or beer mugs of thick glass or ceramic or high-walled glasses, expanding kverhu.To same can be said about the unfiltered pive.Hotya, there may be some nuances.

Today in Cologne German beer glasses can see properly elongated, nicknamed "rods."

In Russia, socialism thanks to Toby looks extremely similar and looks like a faceted glass.

Today in Russian bars, you can enjoy more and more beer out of glass tumblers with a stable elongated down on a stable foot.

In the same way Rossi has appeared on fashion tankard of cylindrical form with inner grooved edge poverhnostyu.Ih easily play and highlight the beer penu.Ih called "Maksimilyanom" or "Leopold".

Kwak beer was invented in general separate kruzhka.Ona looks quite unusual: in a beaker, clamped in a special form derzhatele.Takaya gives an unusual effect croaking of beer, when he takes a sip.

Nowadays, almost every one of its beer brands have their own beer glasses or mugs, allow to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of beer.

Beer mug reacts to heat using the advanced technology of plasma, with double stenkami.Elektronnaya stand creates the effect of osvscheniya.

Bowling pins and kruzhka.Simvolicheskie cover-ball as an ornament handmade mugs raboty.Sdelano in 1900 in Germany.

Toby King posveschennaya Lyudoviku.Izgotovlena about 1900 ceramic with pewter mugs kryshkoy.Tsena of $ 1600

Beer Mug "Wings of the Dragon." Invented in England.

Porcelain mug-zabava.Kryshka otkryvaetstsa, suitable for ispolzovaniya.Tsena about $ 140.

In general, what is the difference from a mug, glass or bottle of beer you drink today, because today is Friday! It allows you a lot!

Hurrah, comrades!

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