[Mcm2Ada] Sex Machines All American (11 photos)

Electricity - a great thing. But the Americans fully understand how great. Photos and interviews Timothy Archibald (Timothy Archibald).

1. No name («No Name")

Jon Treyven, Idaho City, Idaho: "I'm just a divorced Christian to promiscuity is not located, and yet invented a sex machine. The idea came to me a year before the divorce. I thought it would help develop our sexual lives, but too late - his wife filed for divorce before I completed the car. I am often couples come and say, 'John, sit down with us, hear us. " And if the husband and wife need something to refresh your relationship, and I can do something - why not? True, their clients, I always demand a marriage certificate and a written statement that the machine will be used only in the family. I like the arms dealer, who sells his product only if it has been tested, and the purchaser has permission to possess firearms. And to the rescue, I build a ranch for children's Christian camp. "

2. Thrill hammer («Hammer of awe")

Allen Stein, Bordel "Chicken Ranch" Paramp, Nevada: "I invented the world's first sex-machine with an Internet connection. It is made on the basis of the dental chair, which is built in vibrator, a computer monitor and lighting system. The whole structure weighs 200 kilograms, but the vibrator can go back and forth at a speed of 6500 rpm and spin at 150 rpm. When I invented my car, she became interested in the brothel owner, "Chicken Ranch", which is called Nirvana. But when we collected the "Hammer of awe," her enthusiasm pougas. She said: "We must remember that our institution has become the prototype for the film" The best brothel in Texas "(musical beginning of the 1980s. - Esq.), And all should be here in a spirit of good old Wild West. Therefore it is necessary that thing a little drape fabric. " That's what I do. "

3. Holy Fuck («very good»)

Ruiin and Tyuzdey, Portland, Oregon. Ruiin: "For me the important thing is not orgasm, and the path to it. Same thing with this machine. I liked to do it, work out every Circuits. And when it came to the - nothing special. Yes, once Tyuzdey tried, and all. When she asked me he borrowed, of course, I give, but not all. Many people are just disgusting to me. And this is not a rake, which give a neighbor, that he brushed his lawn. In general, I do not know what we will do with it. Soon Halloween, here I think maybe it prisobachit toy ghost and put in front of the house - for children who come for candy. " Tyuzdey "Ruiin - pervert, that's for sure. Well, not exactly a complete pervert. He simply loves sex. It is this: "In life, everything is fine."

4. Orgazmo («Orgasm")

Christie Van Til, Henderson, Nev., "" Orgasm "- the most expensive sex machine on the market, it costs $ 6969. But I myself do not really like all of these mechanisms, I like live sex. I generally do all this only because the secretary went to work for Rick, who invented this stuff and selling it. The first time I did not understand how this can be so easily sell someone a member of the electric six thousand dollars, but then you get used to, as to any job. When we opened the shop with the sign "Unique sex toys, free demo," we agreed that I will be demonstrating these men, and he - with women. All very politely, professionally and courteously. Of course, as it turned not always. In fact, before the wedding, I lived in Kentucky, and his father in me - a preacher. "

5. Two to Tango («Tango for two")

Duane Baccus, Emmett, Idaho: "I have called this work" Tango for Two ", because you need two people to cope with it. When I first started to think, for me it was basically: I would definitely like to participate in two. First sex machine I did two years ago, after stumbled upon this stuff on some website such as World Sex News. There was a lot of very complex mechanisms - flywheels, electric drives and the like. And I thought: why not simply use a bicycle frame? But when I collected the car, had to wait a year of field trials. Constant partner at the time I was not, so people test I searched almost in the street. Finally found one a couple - they came to my studio, and right there on the spot, all experienced. "

6. The One and Only («The first and only")

Frank Reimer, Dixon, California: "I am an engineer, doing all sorts of devices in order for NASA and small private companies. This sex machine - my first and only experience. I was terribly embarrassed in front of friends, did not want them to know what I'm doing it. As it turned out - for nothing. They fully supported me in my endeavor. Not that there were willing to try it for yourself. But in theory they like it. But my wife the car seems too cold and mechanical. For me, the next important step - is testing the machine, but it is very difficult to find the right people. Family and friends are not fit - in any case they will say that everything is fine, just to support me, not to offend. And to advertise, meet with all sorts of strange people - it's not for me. "

7. Monkey Rocker («monkey rocker")

Dan and Jen Zihert, Bakersfield, California. Dan: "My wife and I agreed that one year wait for her salary - she's my teacher in elementary school - but this time I take rest and understand, why put my energy. Just at that moment, I came across the network to these mechanisms. They look like real men's crafts: a lot of iron, bolts, engine. All this is completely alien to the sensual feminine nature. I wanted to do something that gave pleasure to the women, something quiet, comfortable, modest, elegant and attractive. Something that women are not afraid to try. It so happened "monkey swing". Jen: "I am absolutely not surprised that Dan came up with this thing. Not that we were obsessed with sex. Just Dan - man, and he was interested in sex as a skill. "

8. Atomic Rider («Atomic rider")

Scott Ihalt, Chemplin, Minnesota: "Since my childhood I love tinkering, it's out of my father. I started with Lego, and is now doing such devices. This device is suitable for everybody: gay, couples who do not have sex, and couples who want to enrich their sex lives. I've been thinking that it would be nice to establish delivery of women's prisons. Why not? My boss - a very religious person - I fully support, because it believes that these things can save many marriages. Although initially there were problems. At Bank of America did not want to give me credit for promotion, I think I hang them to the noodles. Then I decided to bring the "Rider" directly to the bank and show it to the vice president. He came and put him right in the center operating room. It became very interesting, especially the elderly - they clearly understood what was going on. "

9. Little Almighty («Mighty Baby")

Eric Wilson, Lancaster: "Like all of my invention, its appearance, this instrument must my wife. We had a perfectly complement each other. But we have been married for eight years, have two children, and at some point we stopped to feel the newlyweds. Then I thought: what if I make a real sex machine, which would deal with having sex with her while she has sex with me? I went to the garage and started to think about what was happening, and after a while did our first sex-machine. She worked on an electric drill was terribly awkward, very sharp, but my wife did not notice. When we tried it the first time, it was a blast. Paint poured on the walls - so it was great. We made love all night and next morning my wife just beamed. All week we spent in the bedroom. "

10. Hootchie Harley («Cool Harley")

Ken Cruz, New Orleans, Louisiana: "When my wife saw it, she said:" Do not even think of coming up to me with this thing. " In the end, I put it on eBay, sold for $ 250, and that's that. I actually have a family business: our company five people, including my father, working in my garage. When people know what I'm doing, they immediately imagine my clients - the dirty perverts. In fact, it is not. They are ordinary people. Moreover, I am sure that very soon the sex machines come in every house - like televisions and microwaves. Now I sell about 30 units per week. The funny thing is that married men often bought elden King kongovskih sizes, and women are choosing the smallest, what we have in stock. I thereby learned a great deal about men and women. "


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