[Mcm2Ada] Morocco: Atlas Mountains (40 photos)

Atlas Mountains separate the Atlantic coast of Morocco from the Sahara desert. The name comes from the mountains of the Greek titan Atlanta (Atlas), who was forced to keep their hands to the sky.

Mountains of fantastic beauty ...

PS Thanks to the Moscow office of Audi, granted the car for the trip. And all the paranoid who sees this "hidden advertising" urgently go here: http://sergeydolya.livejournal.com/115695.html

PS It seems that LJ is still podkolbashivaet. Do you like? All right?

On the ridge we climbed the serpentine:

But then, at an altitude of one mile, we reached a plateau. The roads here are straight as an arrow:

In some places very much like a California landscape:

Almost "Death Valley":

This "Monument Valley":

Most of the rivers dry up in summer:

However, there are exceptions:

My attention was attracted to boys, jumping into the water from the concrete pedestal:

Cities in the mountains stand apart and merged with the local landscape:

Typically, a handful of whole life near water sources. Sometimes the city stretching for miles along the river:

Nomads are trying to live away from the hustle and bustle of cities:

At the sight of a stopped car out of the tent boys start to ask the travelers money. Run very fast. Following them are suitable girl. Ingratiating smile and also ask for money:

If the coast along the road sold fruits and vegetables in the mountains offer a teapot, and crystals of quartz, mica, amethyst:

Despite the heat at 38 degrees, go to the local woolen caps, with a piece of cardboard instead of a visor and warm jackets:

Is not it beautiful?

A very interesting structure of the mountain, as if slicing sausage of stones:

Oasis with palm trees in the form of fireworks:

Apparently this hotel. Who will stop here in the mountains, I'll never know:

Very unusual stones like Godzilla eggs:

The presence of thick trees in the mountains, near Fez, it was a complete surprise to me:

Yellow African sunset:

PS Thanks to the Moscow office of Audi, granted the car for the trip.


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