[Mcm2Ada] Mendaki gunung berapi Fuji (29 photos)

LJ user pokemoshkin wrote in his blog: I think in the list, any foreigner living in Japan, is must-see destination for climbing Mount Fuji. We were no exception and decided to storm the mountain the highest mountain in Japan on July 31. Especially that Fuji still a volcano, so it's like to climb to the top until the next eruption began.
Fuji or Fuji - a volcano on the Japanese island of Honshu, 90 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. The height of the highest mountain in Japan is 3776 m. The volcano is currently considered to be weakly active, the last eruption was in 1707-1708 year.

In general, for ordinary people like us ordinary season climbing Mount Fuji is open from July to late August. After the season you can climb only with a guide.

From Tokyo to Shinjuku Station bus runs approximately 2 hours to 5 levels Fuji (gogome), elevation 2,100 feet.

The weather was awful, was a fine rain, so immediately went to the store and bought a cheap raincoat on. When you arrive at the Fuji and buy anything in local stores, then you need to forget the word cheap, as even the cheapest water costs are several times more expensive than the "bottom". The closer to the top, the more expensive.

1.Nachinaem climbing

2.Na mountain climbing everything from small to large

3.Pered seventh base of the road has changed - now, instead of the gravel road went over a steep climb on the cobblestones. By the way, if you look closely, you will see a line of people

4.My first came to the rooming house and decided to sleep in it, as rain began to grow, and our pants and shoes were soaked decently.

Another reason why we did not hesitate for a long time remained for the night into the first "yamagoya", was the fact that the responses of local guides, based on eight sites will be in shelters, so we ventured to remain sleeping on the street. Do I have to say that the prospect of sleeping in the rain at about 5 degrees is not happy.

We stopped and did not regret it. Hospitable hosts sat us near the fireplace, poured hot tea, and then turned the gun heat, so we can dry your clothes.


6.Eto other rooming house at level 7

7B clouds feel like the hedgehog in the fog

8.Tropa top

9.Rassvet we met at one of nochlezhek at level 8

10.Vid down

11.V morning sunlight slopes of Mount Fuji looks like something in Martian

12.Okean clouds

13.Poka we crept upstairs, could be seen as briskly on the way back to yesterday's march of

14.Posledny the top of the jerk, not all is easy, we overtook a group of Japanese who literally carried the girl choking. She had a complexion that she will soon throw skates.

15.My as we go further up

16.Ostalos quite a bit

17.Vid the last segment of the ascent

18.Eto peak and ultimate yearning way. 10th level

19.A you what you expect?

20.Obratnaya road. On the map it was written that way from the top to level 5 takes about 4 hours. We ran down in less than 3 hours.

21.Naposledok photos of the volcano Mount Fuji

Gore has an almost perfect conical shape and is considered sacred.

22.Rasprostranennoe view of Mount Fuji, as the top of a snow cap, two months of the year - from July to September is not true. In contrast, for example, from Mount Kilimanjaro, the snow on top of Mount Fuji in these two months is completely melted and the mountain loses at this time, the whiteness of his top postcard.


24.Kazhdy year Fuji attend approximately 200 000 people, of which 30% are foreigners.

25.Sezon climbing Mount Fuji is open from 1 July to 27 August. During this period, work on the mountain rescue centers and numerous yamagoya (Jap. mountain hut) where you can buy food and drinks and relax. The rest of the top of Fuji is covered with a thick layer of snow.

26.Kstati, the name of a famous company FujiFilm comes from the name of Mount Fuji.




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