[Mcm2Ada] Giant moray eel (Latin Gymnothorax javanicus) (15 photos)

It has long been considered a dangerous moray eel and voracious predator. According to ancient Roman sources, the distinguished gentlemen and nobles as a way to punish delinquent slaves used the moray eels. People were thrown into the pool with moray eels and watched the desperate fight. Before that predatory fish were kept half-starved, and for several months accustomed to the smell of human blood.

Giant moray eel (Latin Gymnothorax javanicus) (English Giant moray)

This is one of the darker sides of life moray eels. But do they really so terrible and dangerous to humans? The answer - no! Most of the attacks on moray man is solely the fault of the person. And rightly so! Needless to taunt a predator with long, sharp teeth like daggers.

Moray attacking larger enemy only in self-defense cases. Remember, no one will throw a predator is not just a creature more than him in size. So do not curious divers stick to your hands should not be, but it is possible to remain without fingers or hands. In particular, do not put your hand into the small holes, caves and grottoes, located in coral reefs, because it was there and live eels.

Anything in the world, there are about 100 species of predatory fish. Among them are small as individuals, as well as giants such as moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus. It is also called Javanese Javanese or gimnotoraksom likodontom. These eels grow to 3 meters in length.

Her home is the tropical and temperate waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Red Sea coast islands of Southeast Asia, New Caledonia and Australia.

Like all members of the family fish and moray giant moray avoid open water and prefers to hide in safe shelter, located at a depth of no more than 50 meters.

This moray eel is rightly called a giant. For clarity, imagine the huge snake as thick as an adult and thigh length 2.5 - 3 meters. The weight of this moray eels can reach 30 - 35 pounds. The body is laterally compressed and covered with a layer of mucus, which provides the animal a safe and easy gliding and penetration into small caves and other shelters, but also protects from damage and parasites.

Giant moray and cleaner

Camouflage color giant moray is a bit like a leopard coat. The head, upper body and fins painted in yellow-brown color and is richly covered with dark spots of various sizes. Abdominal part remains the same picture.

Giant moray eel hunts alone and exclusively at night, but sometimes there are exceptions (more on this later, when the joint is considered a giant moray eels hunt and sea bass).

Foodie it can not be called. It feeds on almost any fish, large or small, crustaceans and cephalopods. She swallows small prey whole and larger drives into some crevice and there tears from her piece by piece.

Pharyngeal jaw is indicated by the arrow

Short shrift to the prey of great help and sharp teeth. BUT, here lies the secret of almost all small moray eels, in their mouths is not one but two pairs of jaws. First - the basic, with big teeth, is where it belongs, and the second - pharyngeal - in the pharynx. (PS It is said that Moray was the inspiration for creating the monster from the movie "Alien" a second, more shallow, a retractable jaw.)

During the hunt, the rear jaw is located deep in the throat, but it's worth to be producing close to the mouth moray eels, as she pulls almost close to the front. Its main purpose - to push food into the esophagus and pulverize it. Agree, is unlikely to be able to break out of the production of this double "trap."

And now the promise - some entertaining information about the joint hunt giant moray eels and sea bass - another predatory inhabitants of the underwater world.

Moray and sea bass

Typically, each of them hunts alone: ​​Moray - at night and ambushed, and sea bass - in the afternoon and into open water, so the only refuge from it are the corals. But some of the Red Sea moray decided to break all the rules - from time to time they go hunting during the day, so even with a companion.

Almost always the initiator of such acts of hunting perch. He swims to burrow moray eels and if its owner has put up his head out, then shakes his head in different directions right in front of her nose. These actions mean the invitation to joint the hunt. Fish is to take this step only if very hungry or her victim disappeared in the shelter near the mink moray eels.

After escorting her to the right place, bass starts shaking his head, pointing to the right place. And Moray slips into the prey. All lunch caught. The giant moray eel is not always eat the fish that was caught by a companion. Periodically, she gives it to his "friend."

The process of breeding the giant moray eel is little known. Like other species, they breed eggs. Most often, several females collected in shallow water, where the spawn, which is then fertilized by males. Often the eggs are traveling in the water with ocean currents and are carried over long distances.

Hatched eels feed on zooplankton until they grow up. Then they move to coral reef areas or to escape from other predators, most sharks.

Moray eels are eaten less frequently and directed fisheries for these non-existent. Although in ancient Rome, moray eels are highly prized for the distinctive taste of meat. If the representatives of smaller moray eels can be kept in an aquarium, then to a giant moray such a trick is unlikely to succeed, too much space it would require for a comfortable stay.

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