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Today's Pictures:

* Someone searches for gold in a landfill yarn;
* Someone is lying on a bed of nails in protest;
* Someone knows that the lotus leaves - an excellent alternative to an umbrella ...

... And much more.

(12 photos total)

photo08 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

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photo01 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

1. The rebels questioned a supporter after his arrest Gaddafi in Tripoli. (Sergey Ponomarev / Associated Press)

photo02 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

2. Taika is looking for a gold chain on the floor, littered with fur and yarn. This - the installation titled "Dump the yarn," the Thai artist Surasi Kusolvonga. "Landfill yarn" - part of an interactive art installation, visitors can pick up yourself which any gold jewelry, created by the artist, if they can find them. (BARBARA WALTON / EPA)

photo03 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

3. Spectators look at the surfer in the rapid waters of the River Isar. (PETER KNEFFEL / AFP / Getty Images)

photo04 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

4. The soldiers are covered by sand and dust raised by the helicopter, which took away their wounded comrade to a hospital in Kandahar. The explosion homemade landmine wounded three soldiers. (Johannes Eisele / Agence France-Presse/Getty Images)

photo05 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

5. 13-year-old Rattanaporn floating in a flooded street near his home in Phinchite, Thailand, where a river overflowed its banks went on Yom, which killed dozens of people. (Paula Bronstein / Getty Images)

photo06 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

6. Orthodox priest conducts the service at the burial site of victims of the Stalinist regime. People gathered in Kurapaty near Minsk to commemorate those shot in the 30s. (Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters)

photo07 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

7. A supporter of activist Anna Hazar is on the "bed" of the nails in protest against corruption. The picture was taken in the Indian Bhopal. The Prime Minister called Hazar stop a hunger strike, inviting him to ask parliament to toughen anti-corruption legislation. (Sanjeev Gupta / European Pressphoto Agency)

photo08 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

8. The girls on bicycles in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province with lotus leaves on the head, which they use as an umbrella. (ChinaFotoPress / Zuma Press)

photo09 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

9. Sunbathing on the field of public swimming pool in Prague, where the temperature rose to 33 º C. (REUTERS / David W Cerny)

photo10 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

10. Lightning hits the house in the German city Geseke. Germany fell to thunderstorms and heavy rain. (THOMAS RENSINGHOFF / AFP / Getty Images)

photo11 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

11. Cub wander months old with her mother at the zoo in Berlin. Vander - view of the Old World monkey that lives in the Western Ghats of southern India, and considered one of the rarest species of primates. In some parts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu is found only 3-3.5 thousand individuals. (JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP / Getty Images)

photo12 Фотоподборка дня: 24 августа

12. Military exercise of Japan's armed forces in Gotenbe, Japan. (Junko Kimura / Jana Press / Zuma Press)

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