[Mcm2Ada] Festival of Twins (11 photos)

Twins Festival, held in Twinsburg, Ohio, which once again confirmed that inferiority complex - a very common occurrence among twins. Twins, for example, believe that they have less fortunate than identical twins, who lives much more fun.


1. In the city of Twinsburg (literally - "the city of twins") hosts the annual Festival of the twins, which usually attracts more than 1,000 pairs of twins and triplets.

2. Three-year twins Aviary, left, and Avion Owens Cottrell of Akron, Ohio, won the competition the least like twins aged from one to three years.

3. Mike, left, and Matt Usketty - twins. They come to the festival every year the twins, but every time I complain about that like they have always received less attention than identical twins, who fullness similar.

4. Karen, left, and Katie Scilly - twins, but argue that they are very similar to each other.

5. Catherine and Barbara Marschik. These photos of twins on the icons adorn the makeup of their mother.

6. Twins Catherine, left, and Barbara Marschik. The girls complained that they wanted to be identical, because that it would be possible to cheat teachers and classmates make fun of.

7. Catherine and Barbara Marschik at the festival appeared in exactly the same clothes, even with the same manicure and pedicure.

8. Parents of twins and twins with their children waiting for the competition, in which will determine the most and the least similar pair.

9. Competitions twins continues.

10. Competition, during which determine the most similar to twin girls.

11. At the festival sold a lot of funny t-shirts and stickers on the theme of twins.

Source photo: Wall Street Journal

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