[Mcm2Ada] Fake Chinese supermarkets - just like in Europe

The owners of supermarkets and chain stores have become extremely resourceful when it comes to exactly how to get the buyer to purchase goods. In doing so, they seek to emulate the best American and European retail chains.

(18 photos)

1. The family is shopping at the store «IKEA» in Centennial, Colorado.

2. Buyers shop in the Chinese version «IKEA» under the title "Eleven floors of furniture," which is located in Kunming, China. Magaizn to imitate well-known retail chain - ranging from the yellow-blue decoration and finishing position of the goods.

3. The new outlet is the company "Apple" in Chicago.

4. Unauthorized outlet company "Apple" in the city of Kunming, China. She became the object of attention in July, after one of the bloggers in his online diary posted fake photos of the store, which sells most of these iPad-s and iPhone-s.

5. Employees unauthorized retail outlet company "Apple" in the city of Kunming, China, packed iPad. In China, only four firms licensed trade point "Apple", and they are all located in Beijing and Shanghai.

6. Seller to the buyer helps set up a new laptop to an authorized retail outlet company "Apple" in New York.

7. Seller welcomes buyers to store dairy products and ice cream "Dairy Queen" in Shanghai. All in all this trade network of about 360 representative offices in China.

8. This firm "Dairy Fairy", another retail chain. Uniforms staff, blue with a red apron, almost perfectly reproduces the uniformed personnel "Dairy Queen".

9. The buyer is talking on a cell phone in the first store network «IKEA» in Beijing.

10. The buyer is talking on a cell phone in the shop "Eleven floors of furniture," which is located in Kunming, China. Trading network «IKEA» until covered the western part of China, and its shops in the city of Kunming is not.

11. The customer considers the lamp in the store network «IKEA» in Beijing.

12. The customer considers the frames in the shop "Eleven floors of furniture," which is located in Kunming, China. The representative of the company «IKEA», which has nine stores in China and plans to open another dozen, says the company is not aware of copyright infringement committed by "eleven floors of furniture."

13. Buyers considering iPad-s in the store the company "Apple" in San Francisco.

14. Once discovered fake shopping mall company "Apple", Kunming city government initiated a review of all supermarkets and electronics technology.

15. Top company "Apple" around Lincoln Park in Chicago.

16. Fake shopping mall company "Apple" in the city of Kunming, China.

17. Menu "Dairy Fairy" is different from the menu "Dairy Queen" only different names of the same dishes.

18. A company representative "Dairy Queen" said the company was not aware of the activities of "Dairy Fairy", but there are other "copycats" attempting to cash in on the advertised brand. The photo - a restaurant company "Dairy Queen" in Salinas, California.

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