[Mcm2Ada] Facts about the worst PR-campaigns of the decade (16 photos)

A list of "Worst of the world of PR-campaigns of the 10th anniversary" was compiled based on annual surveys of "Top 10 blunders of public relations, the" Company Fineman PR.
Fiasco tires Bridgestone (2000)

The company began receiving complaints Bridgestone on its tires Firestone, which had a tendency to delaminate, resulting in a horrible accident, in 1998.

But refused to recognize the problem until 2000, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration USA (NHTSA) launched a large-scale study did not. After the huge amount of material about the defect in the tire press Bridgestone finally admitted guilt, and August 9, 2000 announced a recall of 6.5 million tires. This review is the second largest in American history.

According to CBS News, NHTSA finally announced that the defective tires have provoked nearly 200 deaths and more than 700 cases of injury.
Philip Morris: a death, smokers have a positive side (2001)

The company Philip Morris has given a positive meaning the number of deaths of smokers, presenting the results of research conducted in the Czech Republic, proving that the deaths of smokers have "positive effects" for the Czech government in the financial aspect. According to Philip Morris, smoking actually led to a net profit of approximately $ 147 million, including savings, "between 943 million and 1.2 billion kronor (about $ 24-30 million) in public health, welfare and municipal pensiynom housing stock due to early deaths of smokers."

The company is facing a huge public response to feedback from the release of the study. As evidenced by CBS News, the case is subsequently influenced the plans for "tobacconist" on similar studies in other countries.
Panties for little girls and racist T-shirts A & F (2002)

In April 2002, Abercrombie & Fitch released a line of T-shirts depicting caricatures of Asian stereotypes. Corporate company comment was: "We believe that the Asians would love this shirt." A month later the company introduced a spicy underwear for girls aged 10-14 years. Explanation A & F was: "Underwear is designed for light-hearted and pretty young girls." This provocative clothing angered consumer boycotts, protests, and a storm of criticism the media. Considered shop is also known for its explicit sexual quarterly "directories", so is it any wonder trick A & F?
Urban Outfitters sells a racist board game (2003)

Get Rich, "buying stolen property, laboring pimp, drug dens and system hijacking cars!" "If the neighbors hoisted crack - collect $ 50." As a company Urban Outfitters quietly hoped to sell and promote «Ghettopoly» («Gettopoliyu") with such a plot, without causing disturbance of people is unknown.
Merck Vioxx sells no matter what (2004)

Even though the preliminary study of the drug Vioxx in 2000 showed that the painkiller poses a potential threat to health, pharmaceutical giant Merck executives have decided to discontinue further research.

Four years later, Merck was forced to withdraw the drug because of the high incidence of heart attacks and deaths of its customers. Reviewed by turning the massive scandal, because there was information that Merck knew about the serious risks and yet continued to release the drug. The study took up the case company the SEC, which resulted in Merck have fallen hundreds of lawsuits. The scandal was hushed up only in 2009 when the company settled a lawsuit for $ 80 million
The controversial "wardrobe malfunction" of Janet Jackson (2004)

Super Bowl - a classic, Pan American, family-friendly tradition. Except for the games in 2004, when Janet Jackson halftime breast bared in front of millions of TV viewers.

TV on CBS a record fine was imposed at 550 000 $ after the FCC received 540,000 complaints from irate viewers. Shameful incident, sometimes called «Nipplegate», made ​​TV set tape delay live broadcasts and more strictly regulate the subsequent screenings show the breaks.
The scene in the locker room ABC (2005)

A year later the channel ABC showed on the screens of raunchy commercials during a football game Monday Night Football (Soccer Monday night), featuring sexy "Desperate Housewives" Nikollett Sheridan in a towel only when trying to seduce Terrell Owens. Of course, ads upset many viewers and forced the FCC responsible for the incident. According to the information channel ESPN, channel immediately apologized, but it was seriously considered and the company fined.
PR-dip News Corp (2006)

The grand presentation of the book turned into a scandal of the author O.Dzh. Simpson about how we can kill his wife, a major publishing company HarperCollins, owned by media company News Corp. The initiator of the presentation made ​​by Judith Regan, publisher of the company. News Corp reputation tarnished as a channel Fox News, which has decided to conduct an interview with the author of the book above.

Faced with scathing condemnation of the public, Murdoch fired Regan, D. and abolished both events. "I and the company agree with the American public that it was ill-advised project."
Advertising campaign "Bomba" channel Cartoon Network (2007)

Guerrilla Advertising Campaign Cartoon Network show «Aqua Teen Hunger Force» was a charming, illuminated signs placed around town in public places. Mysterious signs not explained, causing most people fear the worst-case situation. Police received numerous calls and sent out to bomb disposal team, which was closed at the time of the subway. Against the head of the channel, later resigned after admitting guilt for approving advertisements and a few people who were involved in the installation of the devices face criminal charges.
JetBlue passengers lured into a trap on the runway for many hours (2007)

In early 2007, nine flights of JetBlue at JFK Airport were delayed by 11 hours due to inclement weather. Normally, this would not lead to serious consequences, not considering the claims of several disgruntled travelers, but not in this case. JetBlue decided to hold nearly 1,000 passengers trapped in their way runway aircraft at all times.

Later, passengers described the incident as "appalling" because of lack of food and the situation of the restroom, as well as because of the ban on the landing of an independent terminal, which was within sight. People were allowed to leave the aircraft, but when he arrived transportation to take them to the airport.

JetBlue initially insisted on the rightness of his decision, arguing that the safety of its passengers during ice storm was a top priority, but the incident sparked debate on the rights of the government of passengers. After some time the company has released its own JetBlue passenger Bill of Rights, which detailed the different levels of compensation for different types of delays, and promised to land the passengers after a 5-hour delay.
Presidents of auto companies are hiring private planes in Washington, and then require remediation (2008)

Presidents automakers GM, Chrysler and Ford in November 2008 asked the state loan of $ 25 billion to support avtostroitelnyh companies, while making a flight to Washington on private jets. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, given the circumstances, rejected the request of the "big three".

The three presidents have learned its lesson, choosing a ride on hybrid cars for their next hearing in the hope of preventing more bad press.
AIG gets a loan ... and then spends $ 470 thousand Resort (2008)

A week after the nationalization and receive massive federal loan of $ 85 million, AIG sent all its top managers on holiday on the coast of California, one of the most prestigious resorts in St. Regis, which cost her almost $ 470 thousand is not surprising that the public and the legislators were very angry. The company's actions have caused outrage and warnings of the White House, who called such actions "despicable" and amended the corporate policy of allocating funds to companies affected by the crisis.
Riots chicken coupons KFC (2009)

Oprah Winfrey certainly has the power to increase sales. The company has studied the problem of KFC cooperation with it in May 2009, when teamed up with the charismatic talk show hostess to start advertising a new line of fried chicken.

After Oprah has included in its product display and showed the coupon for a free serving of fried chicken on its Web site, KFC restaurants nationwide are drowning in customer demand fried chicken. Many restaurants do not prepare for the influx of visitors, as a result - hundreds of people left hungry and angry.

KFC, later sent by e-mail clients angry re-invitation to the restaurants, but the fiasco still has the most remembered brand according to Adweek.
Scandal Domino's Pizza on YouTube (2009)

In April 2009, corporate America has learned that a strong social media, so often used to promote its marketing capabilities can also be used for evil purposes. When Domino's Pizza employees are put on YouTube video itself, doing a nasty thing with the food they prepared for conveying to customers, the results were disastrous. Domino's Pizza waited two days to respond to a scathing video, and meanwhile, it looked almost 1 million people. At the same time added fuel to the fire incident, the discussion on blogs and Twitter.

Pizzeria soon dismissed two officers and apologized to customers (via video on YouTube), but the company has suffered irreparable damage. According to the New York Times, consumer perception of the brand became negative within a few hours, and online forums continued to discuss the video, which was redesigned and re-sent to hundreds of times.
The Ministry of the United States believes that the low-flying aircraft over Manhattan - a good idea (2009)

Even the government from time to time makes a bad PR.

Suppose that you - a resident of New York, working at the center, when suddenly you see that plane flying unusually low over the city, but still pursued by fighter jets. What would you think?

That thought never occurred to the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, who organized the Air Force, without notifying the public of New York. Unfortunately, the case has led to mass panic throughout Manhattan, evacuating people from the office and reported the incident to police.

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