[Mcm2Ada] A brief bodacious history of the brassiere

While the history of over-the-shoulder boulder holders can be traced back to ancient Greek, Roman and Minoan times, the more modern brassiere has its origins in Manhattan with a 19-year-old girl named Mary Phelps Jacob. This modern woman must have had her eye to the future when she sewed together a few hankies, pink ribbon and string to keep her boobs in place underneath a gorgeous evening gown, and in lieu of a corset. It didn't take long for her female friends to ask for a similar "backless brassiere," which she patented in 1914. Unfortunately, her new brassiere business did not hold up and she decided to sell it for the paltry sum of $1,500 to the Warner Bros Corset Company.


Can you imagine women wanting to make their boobs look flat? This "flapper" trend was popular during WWI but was soon abandoned by the Maidenform revolution in 1922. A seamstress, Ida Rosenthal, came up with the idea for different cup sizes, due to the obvious differences in breast shapes, something that men no doubt had already got a handle of. Within a decade the term "bra" was born, for brevity's sake, and a variety of delicious fabrics emerged, making bra shopping a much more complicated affair.


Pointy bras became the rage, which lead to those lovely Sweater Girls with missile like boobs. However, the baby boom fifties swept in and transformed the bosom into a more maternal and round shape. It took the sixties to really shake things up and feminists to propose the burning of bras in defiance of sexual and physical bondage and oppression. Would you really mind if women took off their bras and burned them, just as long as you got to watch them do it?


Leave it to a Canadian, Larry Nadler, in the late sixties to figure out that most women didn't despise their boulder holders but instead wanted bras to enhance their physical appeal. Enter the most revolutionary undergarment the world has ever seen: the Wonderbra. This amazing luxurious boob magnet pushed those two fun bags together and made them part of the conversation, which it turned out is exactly what women wanted.


The bra continued its boob busting of old norms and became a staple in every woman's wardrobe. The 1990's ushered in a whole new obsession with major cleavage and low-necked tops, which came to a head in the famous 1994 poster featuring Czech model Eva Herzigova lovingly looking at her breasts and proclaiming, "Hello Boys." The bra floodgates were opened in the 2000's with endless different styles hitting the market and touching breasts all over the globe. It goes without saying that the history of the brassiere is not only uplifting, but eye catching as well.

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