[Mcm2Ada] Amsterdam Gay Pride 2011

One of the best and the big gay pride parades in the world took place yesterday in Amsterdam. This year it was attended by nearly 500 000 people. Traditionally, the parade in Amsterdam - it's a big carnival, which captures the entire city. Participants in extravagant costumes, the colorfully decorated barges filled with narrow canals of Amsterdam and to loud dance music, surprise, amuse and entertain the many tourists, of which gathers in large numbers. 4 hours through the pass more than 80 boats participating boat parade opens with members of the Government of the Netherlands. And pay attention, 500 000 no police, no limits or barriers. Just look at how people are able to arrange a holiday for the entire city without a massacre, riots and drunken cattle.

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(50 photos)

01. The parade begins in the afternoon, but in the morning all took seats. Usually, the rule - "who was the first come, sneakers," but there have got some kind of insolent, they fenced in a place in advance.

02. Fancy costumes ...

03. The parade passes through the channels. Traditionally, it goes on about 100 boats.

04. To participate, anyone can. Rent a boat costs about 2000 euros + decoration and equipment.

05. This year's parade the slogan "All Together Now" - all together now - this means that the holiday for all. Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade has long been turned into a big carnival. Most of the participants of the traditional orientation of people. On most boats, too, are ordinary people who just want to support gay, or just to dance.

06. Look at this show every year thousands of tourists come from all over the world. Parade brings city a lot of money - there is no hotel accommodations, all restaurants are jammed.

07. He opened the parade of American Lt. Dan Choi, who was fired because he was gay activist and openly declared his sexuality two years ago.

08. This year, I sailed on the government boat, so shooting in the main audience.

09. Many corporate boats. This, for example, the boat working on the road. For many companies a great honor to take part in the parade.

10. Also in this year's parade was attended by the military. The Dutch army gays openly serving in 74 years. In the army there is a special organization to work with them. And if America has a rule "don't ask, don't tell" (do not ask, do not say), the Netherlands, gays serve openly, and for special conditions .. Police were also boats, railways and other state organizations.

11. Yutuba boat.

12. The parade is held in Amsterdam in 1996. This is the 16th parade.

13. Audience.

14. All along the channel is full of people. Someone to take care of a good location on the boat.

15. Like I said, it's a big carnival. People wear themed costumes.


17. On each boat has its own music, all dance. On the beach throwing beads, food, booze pass. From the audience, too, flying boats gifts.





22. The same audience ... I think fans of Blue Oyster ...


24. Please note that the photos do not the police. Despite the fact that the mass celebrations attended by almost 500 000! man, there were no fences, no frames, no police. Everywhere is open to sell alcohol, including a glass container.

25. For all the time I did not see any fights or aggressive behavior. People drink, have fun, they walk with their children. In Russia, this is impossible.

26. Also, there was no drunk or violent. For some reason, everyone knows to stop and do not spoil the holiday with each other. A lot of children.

27. At the parade, the prosecutor's office has introduced an increased punishment for bad behavior against gays. Punishment for crimes against gay people in these days increased by 50%, and if physical violence and other serious violations - twice. The rule "Zero Tolerance", that is, immediately suspects detained.

28. In the courts for the holidays booked a special time to quickly solve problems with aggressive citizens. Prosecutors said that would be "hard to act in cases of any prestuplaniya against gays."







35. Parades are traditionally held in the summer, usually in June, in memory of Stounvollskih riots, when thousands of gays and lesbians came out against police brutality that has become a symbol of the beginning of the struggle for gay civil rights. Amsterdam parade concluding in Europe.

36. The official slogan of the Amsterdam Gay Pride "We Are - Amsterdam Gay Pride" (As is well translated into Russian, I do not know. Dostovno reads: "We have - Amsterdam Gay Pride," but in the sense of "We are proud of!"). This slogan, in 2006 invented the agency VBAT.








44. There are not adequate and citizens. They are very small, but they attract the most attention, including the media. So many false impression that the parade only depravity and vulgarity, but really - this is the usual city holiday.



47. Incidentally, the birth rate in the Netherlands among the indigenous population is among the highest in Europe. In the families of 4.3 children - is normal.


49. The Netherlands is one of the most tolerant countries in relation to sexual minorities. In 2001 the country became the world's first to legalize gay marriage.

50. It seems to me like this is now the majority of readers.


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