[Mcm2Ada] Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

Fashion - a privilege of the elite and the aristocracy. In our time, this statement is quite debatable, but in the distant (and not) past some trendy "zamorochki" could only afford to know. The proletariat, in all times and in all the countries looked roughly the same: functional and natural.

So, our excursion into the past, "haute couture" and the customs of the local beau monde.

Puleny - trendy footwear from the 14th century, introduced by knights and noblemen other in order to emphasize their foreignness physical labor - even just walking in this "ski" was not easy. Therefore, the length of the sharp-toed boots are strictly regulated: the commoners could not afford to toe with a maximum of 0.5 feet, but the princes, "was awarded to" the ability to "stitch" two feet with socks. To somehow move, tow or hammered toes tied to a bracelet near the knee. By the way, the expression "to live in a big way," went, apparently, here.

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

"Lotus feet" - belonging to the elite. Still, China - a unique country. Perhaps nowhere mocked the aristocratic women, as there. Custom special bandaging and leg strain survived ten centuries. Moreover, only the owner of "lotus feet" could be considered as an ideal of beauty and enviable bride, the other virtues are secondary. Never mind that a woman with such a "treasure" severely suffered from pain and had no opportunity to walk normally, much worse had not followed that tradition and move normally - are backsliding to the "huge" legs were doomed to condemnation and isolation. This custom was officially banned in 1912, but he still secretly long flourished until the Chinese psychology has not changed completely.

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

An unusual form of Japanese geishas: bleached face and neck updo with pins and jewelry, kimono, geta (wooden sandals) - this is not so much a fashion "mood" as a special ceremony, where each dash hard to meet certain traditions: the age, status and even geographic. For the Japanese, alien European culture, such a "babe" was a model of sexuality and attractiveness. Special chic considered especially vychernennye teeth in white masklike face, a specific form of blood-red lips and painted black eyebrows ...

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

Speaking of pale: in medieval Europe, too, these ladies have sinned, which used a toxic white lead. Natural healthy complexion was supposed to have only their servants. By the way, after prolonged use of such extreme beauty, not all survived ...

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

Huge unnatural wigs. These breeding grounds for lice, and dust collectors coined the balding French King Louis XIII. Convenient fashion picked up his court, and the presence of a wig was evidence of high social status of its owner. Enjoyed a special love bleached wigs. This mode is quickly captured the other European countries and has lost its relevance after the French Revolution.

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

Rubens beauties. Aristocracy at all times differed laziness and idleness. In the Renaissance, a way of life, of course, affects the appearance of the ladies. Inactivity, overeating, lack of sleep were the main causes of excessive fullness, and at the same time, an unhealthy pallor. For modern people, the behavior of healthy and active lifestyle, this "beauty" smacks of neglect, surprising us, accustomed to these model standards.

Absurd and dangerous fashion trends of the past (6 photos)

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